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Intermittent bleeding after MC

Miscarried in December. Blessings far into January. Still seem to have odd bleeding. Seems like I had a period I February. According to Glow app not supposed to start until March in the teens. ... Started having slight cramping (without the feeling that my uterus is going to fall out like I always have) &then suuuper dark brown bleeding. One time I had a decent amount of more blood but still just spotting even today. So dark at once point possible mucus mixed in, looked almost black. Decided to test in case it is implantation after reading how implantation can feel like needles and the pain from your belly button down . Implantation would be much better than the cancer I was afraid I have. I have to make Dr. Appt. But does this look like just an eval or possible faint and small positive line that after more time & full implantation could be a positive... Like by March 15+ in the case that it is implantation.. and if I was actually supposed to get my period the day the app says... Then I could get a few positives? Just driving me a. Bit nuts. Partly worried & partly need to know .... Just to know. to post pic?
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