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Irregular and lost!!

Hello! I am so happy to come upon this website, finally feel like I'm not insane haha! I'm 23 years old, not exactly TTC but not exactly taking measures not to either. I've always always always been irregular with my cycles, skipping about 3 months at a time at some points. I've made it a point to keep track of my period the past 6 months with a mobile app but obviously with my cycle being so irregular (longer cycles than normal) it's hard to actually figure out if I'm ovulating or not. I've been with my boyfriend for 8 months now and we have unprotected sex regularly, a few times a week I'd say. I had my period from October 4th to the 9th this month, then noticed some brown blood in the morning in my underwear on the 23rd this month, then this was followed by a pink discharge that I only notice when I wipe. It is currently the 27th and I am still having the pink discharge. I've had headaches the past two days which is so rare for me, along with a metallic taste and cramping on my left side more (I feel like I am getting little twinges as well.) Of course I've been reading like crazy and read about ovulation bleeding and implantation bleeding but I'm just not sure. I took a test last night which said negative however if I am actually pregnant I know this would be too early for the pregnancy hormone to appear. Period spotting doesn't seem to make much sense to me because I never have a 28 day cycle, its more like 45 days or skipping. Just looking for some insight or anyone who can relate to this? I'm feeling super emotional, filling up with tears over the most ridiculous things and super irritable. I plan to test again in a couple weeks but just wanted to hear of anyone else who may have experienced this.
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