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Irregular Period but could it be???

So I have a terrible irregular cycle will be 40 days and the next will be 32 and the next will be get the picture. So it's been really hard for me to track EXACTLY when I'm ovulating. So two weeks ago, I started experiencing some weird things physically. I suddenly came down with a really bad stuffy nose and sore throat (last head cold I had was about 3 years ago). Following that I suddenly had no interest in coffee. COFFEE!!! I would make a cup in the morning and end up pouring 3/4 down the drain because the taste was disgusting. I even reverted to starbucks, and I just couldn't drink it. I'm suddenly nauseous..not just in the morning but in spurts throughout the day. But I also have sore breasts, breakouts, and slight cramping like I do every month. Today would be day 32 of my cycle. Could I be pregnant or are these just more unpleasant PMS symptoms???

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