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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Is it possible that I'm pregnant?

Sorry this might be long and TMI, but I'm so confused
10/10- I ovulated
10/11- I had protected sex but we believe that the condom broke
10/12-10/15- nothing
10/16-10/23- started feeling bloated thought it was just PMS symptoms but it didn't feel like normal PMS to me
10/23- took a pregnancy test and it was a BFN
10/24-10/28- what might have been AF but I'm not sure because there was very little bright red blood and it was mostly brown, it was also very slightly lighter than normal
10/29- woke up bloated, I never bloat after AF is over
10/30- very bloated through out the day and milky white discharge
10/31-11/4- very bloated
11/5- when according to my tracking is when I would've ovulated again still bloated, I never bloat when I ovulated
11/6-11/13- bloated, on and off nausea, more headaches, emotional, mild cramping, swollen and tender breasts, muscles feel almost like they're being pushed outwards, shortness of breath, exhausted, milky white discharge, larger and darker areola, and sensitive nipples

*normally my stomach is completely flat so any bloating is very obvious and recently when I've been bloated I've tried sucking it in and I still have a small pooch and the near my pelvic bone is quite hard to the touch*

Has anyone experienced this? Is it possible that I'm pregnant? Or is my hormones just being crazy now?

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Am I Pregnant?

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