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Is it possible?(Taking fertilaid) Help!

I could really use some answers, and any advice that anyone can provide, and I really THANK YOU! Currently I am taking Fertilaid, and it's my first time so I am uncertain how I should be feeling. I had my period from August 19-22, 2017. My periods are always 4 days long and can average from 28-34 days. Once I finished my period on the 22nd, my period tracker app advised me that I am on a 24 day long cycle now. While on my period I had ordered the FERTILAID that I have heard great things about. (My husband and i have been trying for quit some time now to conceive) so I figured that I would give this a shot. So i started the pills, and as advised to take them 3 times a day, so naturally I take one with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have been feeling great on them up until about 3-4 days ago. I have had this great amount of energy and haven't had a problem swallowing them, or tasting them and that is what I enjoy. However, my husband and I have been actively baby dancing since the end of my period in hopes that any miracle is possible, knowing the chances are slim to none because I am not ovulating then. Based off of my period tracker app, I am going to be fertile from September 3-9th and ovulating on the 8th. But here is where I am wondering what is going on with me. I have been having really sore breast since Monday (8/28/17) and they feel so full and heavy. My back has been aching and no matter how many time I crack it, the pain lingers. I have been getting this pinching feeling every now and again right under my belly button, and then times where my stomach just feels weird. My headache never goes away, not even with extra strength Excedrin-it only alleviates the pain for a small amount of time and then it's back. Normally I get up at 5:00am with hubby while he gets in the shower I get breakfast going and we talk about the day, well the last 4 mornings I can't seem to pull myself out of bed. I am flat out, hitting the alarms snooze button 2-3 times which I actually never do, so I find that so strange. I do get a few twinges in my lady part that feels weird but then I think it's just a reaction from all of the baby dancing that we have been doing. I have been very dry and not wet (until we baby dance) but today when I wiped i noticed a clear but sticky cum, so I think my body is preparing myself for ovulation. Anyone else have that symptom? However, the bloated feeling in my stomach as well breast are the biggest factors for me that are leaving me so confused. I think that this may all just be the pills and my body getting used to it? These pills are all natural and are a vitamin really so they couldn't be messing with my body this much I don't think. Because I'm wondering if I could be pregnant (I am really hoping that I am) but I just can't get my hopes up to be let down. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I appreciate all comments and concerns!! Thank you!

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Hi I thought I'd chime in to help you out. Its the pills. I had the same symptoms and after 10 days I had to stop the fertiliaid. The headaches were the worse. The AF I got after having been on them was very weird too. I had alot of old blood followed by heavy spotting and light bleeding (two days after the spotting). I've read it can take a while for your body to adjust. I think they work but I just couldn't hang. FX you get a bfp this cycle regardless!

Faithrock, Thank you so very much for reaching out to me, I really appreciate it. I figured that it was the pills, my breast have been feeling so full, I woke up 3 nights ago to throw up in the middle of the night, and then yesterday my mood was horrible, I was mad about anything and everything. I think I might stop taking them because I am not liking how it is making me feel. For the most part I feel fine but it's really confusing me on whether it could be pregnancy symptoms or the fertilaid pills. I don't O until Friday, September 8th so I figured it is the pills, unless i O'd early. Thank you so much for making me feel sane.

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