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Back story: never spot between AF, always get sore boobs week before AF, always get her every 23 days. I don't track BBT, use a calendar to track period and I get ovulation cramps to know when I'm ovulating (I know its not a for sure thing but I don't really need it cause I have sex every other day right when I'm off my period). So I was 8dpo when I noticed a tiny dot of blood when I wiped, later that night I felt sick as all hell, nauseous, cramping, fatigue. now mind from what I can tell I ovulated way early so I'm 9dpo ovulationanf I'm getting my period? I'm bleeding pink but it's the consistency of a period, which is weird cause I'm not due for another 13 days. And my symptoms are gone, no sore boobs for af, barely any nausea, though I am still tired. Is it even worth looking in to or better luck next time?

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