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Is my eggo preggo or am I losing my mind?!

My last menstrual cycle was approximately on February 17th. I've been experiencing several different things that make me question my sanity including erect nipples that have changed in size/color. I've taken a few pregnancy test all negative, however if they set long enough eventually turn positive, from different brands. I know the results are invalid after alloted time. However yesterday's test the line showed within the time frame after 3 mins. Very faint and thick, but lil to no color so possibly an indent but a hour and a half later the same result on a differnt test. Idk, I been lightheaded and nauseated to the point of getting sick. On April 1, I started spotting light brown discharge only when I wipe/no cramping that continued off and on for almost 2 weeks sometimes heavier than others, but never heavy enough to wear anything other than a panty liner which wasn't exactly necessary. The extent of my symptoms are crazy, like I seriously have every early pregnancy symptom there and then some. Maybe I'm just losing my mind. I wasn't trying to convince, not that it wouldn't be a blessing..but me and my hubby have been together 10 years and we've yet to have a baby of our own. We've never used protection and about 5 years ago we had a undetected pregnancy that sadly ended in heartache. My youngest just turned 11 so this whole pregnancy thing is new to me needless to say, google has been my best friend these last few weeks trying to figure out what's going on with my current symptoms are as follows: white/clear discharge-to the point I knew it was af erect nipples/leaking-maybe a hormonal imbalance? areolas bigger and darker bright blue veins EVERYWHERE they almost throb emotional wreck loss of appetite craving water, fyi I hate water but waking up thristy vivid dreams/nightmares diarrhea/constipation and the list goes on and on but that's the just of it and the I cried while having a orgasm, wtf?!


Me and my husband were intimate during my entire ovulation cycle (according to my app) we have been FTC but with no avail. I always use the 2 finger method(tmi) to keep an eye of what's going on down there. During ovulation I had the text book egg white sticky cm clear in color and according to my app around 2 dpo I was sooo wet my husband mentiond the difference and asked if I thought I was preggo. As he says proceeded my increase in cm didn't lighten up. It was watery and clear in color for the next few days and now has become off white and creamy. I have had mild cramping on the right side, lower back pain, but we are building an outside kitchen and I'm on my feet a lot of the day. But in particular yesterday I was just in a bad mood. I picked fights all day until everything boiled over and I was raging. We got into a huge argument and it was over something as small as who took the trash it last. I couldn't control. I did the 2 finger check again today in the shower 8dpo according to my app and the discharge has increased. My breasts hurt to touch and the cramping continues but intermittent. There's been no spotting and still another week before af. Anyone with similar cycles. Please share we there you received a bfp or a bfn!!! I'm dying to know and have someone to relate to. Everyone's cycle differ so much.

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