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Good Morning ladies! This is my first time posting on this forum. I’m just trying to get some perspective to see if I could possibly be pregnant and if I should stay hopeful. I started my last period on 3/1 and am pretty regular with 29 or 30 day cycles. According to my tracker I ovulated on 3/16 and I had unprotected sex on 3/17. Around the middle of last week, say around 3/22, I started having light pink spotting that in the proceeding says become tiny brown specks on the toilet paper, I had very mild cramps, headaches and increased trips to the bathroom. I will say I’m very suspicious because I never spot and I never really have any PMS symptoms. My period is due 3/29. If that was indeed implantation symptoms that would have been about 6 days DPO. I tested this morning and it was negative but would only have been 7 days post sex and 9 DPO. So is there a chance I’m still pregnant even though I tested negative. I’ve read that it can take 12 days post conception for any HCG to be detected in urine, which makes me think I tested too early. But I tested on a First Reponse test, so I’m not so sure. Thoughts?

Am I Pregnant?


I voted no only because there's not a very good chance of "catching the egg" if you BD the day AFTER ovulation. But of course there's still a chance, and you could have ovulated later than you thought! Good luck!

I am 8 dpo and oh so excited. Here are my symptoms. Cramping hot flashes highlighter yellow pee going number 2 more often than usually. Aches in my groin area and upper thighs and buttocks sensitive nipples the urge to pee lol maybe its just af coming but so hopeful. I am having some what of the same symptoms. I am 8dpo today and noticed cramping (twinges) all day along with frequent urination. I just figured that was because I drink a lot of water throughout the day at work. The cramping is kind of scaring me but hoping to test this weekend and get a BFP! Not sure if I want to test on Mothers day or not though in case I don't like what I see! I am feeling the same things as you are but my periods are irregular so I don't know when to test so far no spotting or anything VERY moody. My boobs itch a bit witch is weird so if I don't get my period in a week or so. I'm trying not to get my hopes up all this could be PMS but maybe not.

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