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I was two weeks late for my period, one night I went to the bathroom and wiped and had a spot of light pink blood, which I never get when my period comes. So I put the tampon in, and went on with my day. A couple hours later I went to the bathroom, and pulled out the tampon and there was just dry blood with a spec of red blood on it. My period normally consist of 3 days bleeding and the fourth day is the dry blood/spotting end of period type blood. Well this time it just stopped after two days. Cold turkey. I also hardly bled all that much. It was never heavy and I hardly went through my new box of tampons. Well fast forward 3 weeks later. I wake up with an excruciating migraine to the point where I was gagging over the toilet. I was down the whole day sleeping, gagging and achy all over. I though it was the flu but it wasnt. Next morning I woke up, feeling bitter better but still couldn’t eat. Foods that I loved such as coffee made me sick, especially the smell and thought of it. Foods that I love I can’t stand now. I can only eat certain things that I crave at that moment. I wanted jack tacos. So my boyfriend got me them. I was so weak. And exhausted and have been since This headache started. It has been lingering since Tuesday and it is Monday, 6 days! When I say I am exhausted I mean. I wake up from 9 hours of sleep and I want to sleep more. It never feels like enough. I am weak, exhausted and super moody. I noticed laying in bed we had the ac on, ceiling fan and fan by my bed but I was so hot I kicked all the blankets off me and it still didn’t help. After being extremely exhausted from doing nothing for 6 days othe than laying on the couch and sleeping I had insomnia last night that lasted two hours. I normally have so much energy this isn’t like me. Since 4 dpo I have been getting this watery but very sticky cm. It’s alwaya present on the toilet paper. I can even pull it’s off. I super hopeful, and wanted to know if anyone had this before their BFP?! :) I am 10 dpo and I have had two negative test.

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