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Itchy Nipples!? :-/ Could I Be??

Okay so here goes, I haven't been charting or anything but we still have been ttc. Af is irregular so it’s kinda hard to pinpoint ovulation. We just try to bd ever couple days after af (which was on the 8th). SYMPTOMS- headaches started first! They are ongoing all day then just stop for no apparent reason and come back. Second was nipples sensitivity (more than usual) coupled with itchy nipples! I mean it really itches, and more the left one. Weird huh? I am not hungry most of the time &nothing is appealing. I finally got an appetite few days ago and everything I had a taste for I cooked, so excited to EAT! Once dinner was done I couldn’t eat! The pasta smelled of metal the chicken smelled old. I forced some bread down and tried to sleep. Which is my next symptom (and the worse) SLEEP, lack of it. I'm so tired during the day all I want to do is rest but I cannot sleep at night! I stay up for hours tossing and thinking and when I do fall I have krazy dreams. I also have lower back pain and it’s hard to get comfy. The newest thing is I stay wet/moist down below lol. Like af is there for the last 3 days and very mild cramps. More uncomfortable (af cramps very painful for me I have prescription for pain meds). lil gassy and OAN I feel flutters in my lower tummy. Last but not least, moodiness. It’s like pms on steroids lol. Sad and depressed for no reason and everything irritates me. (A lot more that usual lol). So what u think? Maternity Ward or mental hospital?!?!



update, I tested this am and bfn!!! I'm devastated! I mean I AM having all theses symptoms and now nausea more intense on and off. I did use dollar tree cheap test.could this be the problem?! I also pee'd in a cup this am and saved it til DS woke up so I could go purchase the test and still use my first morning pee, could that make it inaccurate?! Ppl said it was fine for them..Or maybe these are just ovulation symptoms?! Idk I'm freaking out. Should I retest tomorrow the next day? Please help, any imput would be appreciated...thanks in advance and GOOD LUCK to all.

Hi there. My friend is pregnant. Only a few week gone an she has insane itchy nipples. She said it was a big sign for her. I hope this helps. I'm in tww. Fingers crossed for bfp

Thanks for the hope! I actually retested 8/26 & got a very very faint bfp! I then used the final test and got another bfn! So idk, but I'm ng to the Doctor tomorrow..Good luck to you in your tww! I pray you get your bfp also!!!

I couldnt wait I took two more test this am and Bfp! Dark lines instantly showed on both! I'm so just know u can get a bfp after a your body!! Baby dust to all

I got here through a search about itchy nipples. We been TTC and I've been having suspect symptoms since 1DPO, but everyone says I'm crazy. I've had cramps/twinges since day 1. Then nausea/just not wanting to eat. Then super hungry. Now I'm at 7DPO and since yesterday my nipples have been insanely itchy!! And I didn't think about it until I read your first post, but I've been constantly feeling wet/moist downtown also. I'm worried about getting my hopes up, especially since this is just our first month trying. But there's a lot of potential evidence. I guess we'll see. I don't want to test too soon and see a bfn!

Glad you got you bfp though! Congratulations!

Well let me start odf by saying i dont i feel i can get pregnant never was told just felt that way..but anyway a couple weeks ago i have these terrible migraines out of nowhere. They stopped..then my lower stomach just was hrting in one spot thank god it went away when i drunk now my nipples been itching for like 4 days now real bad.. p.s i was sick one last from 8pm to 11am.. pleasehelp any advixe would due right now thanks :-)

I know just how yuou feel @ishbeauty I felt the same way although I was never told so when I got pregnant it was a complete surprise to me and my first symptom was headaches then nausea then sore breasts I think I tested two days after my missed cycle and it was positive I was almost five weeks

I am only a few days late on my period, but something feels different... I don't know if it's all in my mind, with my first child I knew almost instantly. My nipples are really itchy & I am exhausted, can't concentrate & really gassy... Could I my ego be prego?

I'm also ttc so far its itchy breast and I also spotted on Sun 13 days after menstruation am I prego?

Hi I don't think im pregnant im on the implanon birth control i dont have periods. Hade it in for almost 2 years but my nipples have been itchy for about 2 weeks now please help!

I am three days late. My right nipple has been crazy itchy, I have been gassy, stomach cramps, and headaches. I work at the hospital third shift. When should I retest??

So I have both nipples iratating by itchiness and my lower left side of my stomach also could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Hi I would like to know if I am preg or if any 1 has had same signs as me I have bad itchy boobs an my last period was due 26th august an it now 6th september an stil no sign help! X

I'm scheduled to test Friday 9/20. Itchy nipples, sore boobs (not sore now though), white cervical mucus, cervix seems to be soft and high, headaches, smell sensitivty about a week ago but no more, spotting around the 4-6th, constipation and TIRED. I also just feel in a haze, like I did when I was pregnant with my son 7 years ago. It's been a while, but I think it's gonna be a bpf. So I guess itchy nipples is a sign for lots of women?

I've had these symptoms too. I'm gassy, constipated, itchy, unable to sleep, cramping and moody!! My period is a few weeks late.. But sometimes it skips months due to stress.. I don't know what to think..

We too are trying for a kid and this mnth I am getting itchy nipples, which is happening for me the first time. My periods is expected after 7 days, I know I ma little early and eager. But can't help it. Before a week, I had slight pain in my breast and I wanted to eat egg omelet but couldn't eat it once it is done. Then I felt as if my stomach is little heavy or the walls are becoming harder, but now its not there. May be it is just the thought of my minds. Can any one help me? I know that I have to wait until I skip my periods but I am really fed up of trying for a baby. Hope you understand me.

I have been having alot of these symptoms as well, itchy nipples but mainly on the right side. Some stomach cramps, constipated, lower muscle twitches and about a week ago i had a sharp pain on my left side that got a little better when i wasnt standing and i have also had headaches. I tested a couple days ago and got a negative but im not due for my period for another 2 weeks or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have never been pregnant but currently I have itchy nipples. Headaches n always moody. I have very irregular periods n my last 2 periods have been like , spotting. Very light. My fiance n I r ttc. I took a test a few weeks ago n it was negative. Wat could b causing these symptoms though?

Was pregnant had to do an abortion coz of medical reasons its was matter of life death,did have ma periods the following month nd twice at the beggining and at the end and now no periods 4 the past 3 month nd had pregnancy symptoms the 1st month the second month nothing but spotted 4 an hour or 2;nw am having itchy nipples the past few days scared to take a hpt

I have an irregular cycle and the first day of my last period was Sept 17th. I have been so tired lately which is rare; and on top of that my nipples are itching like crazy, also my appetite increased drastically. I told my fiance, well he actually noticed me running to the bathroom. I don't feel sick at all but I'm always peeing so much now. My next period should be from Oct 17th through the 24th, don't really know the week because I vary 4 to 5 weeks. He wanted me to wait to take a test to try a prevent a false negative being too soon. What should I do? Should I wait until after the 24th to see if I get my period? I've been feeling this way for two weeks now.

we r going thru the same thing I felt the same way! and Ive shown all the pregnancy sympthoms, on top of that my af is irregular, and I have PCOS we are gonna wait a couple of weeks, then we r gonna test, im praying for a BFP!!!!

I Have Been Having Itchy Breast For A Couple Of Days Some Days Worst Than The Other... An I Have Been Having A lot Of Headaches.. But They Aren't Bad... I Just Had My Menstrual An It Was Very Heavy For The 4 Of 7 Days It Was On.... Could I Be Pregnant... Should I Take A Test... Go To The Doctor... WHAT SHOULD I DO >_< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have irregular periods las day was on Oct 3 had unprotected sex on the same day it went away on Oct 7 it was only once nd im 2 days late my right nipple is really itchy and the sides of my stomach itch also. Are those any signs of pregnancy

My right nipple has been itchy for 2days very concerned and AF isnt due for 2weeks...its beyond annoying!! Then Ive been sick for the past 3 days out of no where...I have felt flutters but idk if I could be making it up in my mind...COULD I BE PREGGERS!!! *FINGERS CROSSED*

Hi I have the same symptoms as you dez I hope I get the same result I really do xx

Hi I don't know if I'm sick or I'm pregnant, my normal period lasts for about 3-4 days so this month I started on the 9th and today its the 16th and am still on my periods, for the first time in my life it lasted for 8 days for the first 3 days it was normal then for the next 4 days it was just pinkish and had small clots accompanied by period pains and cramps on my abdomen which are sometimes on my lower abdomen sometimes on the right or left side of my abdomen , my right breast has been itching the other thing is I'm always tired and sleepy so I'm worried if can it be pregnancy or I really need to go and see the doctor. Can someone please help me!

I'm 20 years old

My period has been sort of irregular since I didn't get my depo in Nov. 2012. I have been with my boyfriend 7years nd we are now TTC every month it's the same exact thing tho symptoms and negative test results I'm thinking of giving up. he thinks it his fault nd I think it's mine

Im 18 , Me & My Bf havr Been Tryin For ABaby , I Think im finally Pregnant. My nipples r itchy n sensitive . & Everymornin i feel sick . I hav lower back pains, kant sleep. Eating more than usual & i hav crazy dreams . Wats really going on ???

Hi I'm 21 and I have been experiences the same symptoms but I am scared to take a pregnancy test because my periods are irregular and I'm trying TTC my first child and I'm hoping that I am pregnant but not really sure if I am


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