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It's early, but I'm unsure. Thoughts?

So, as a little DH and I have been TTC for a total of 22months. During that time we had a mmc and are on our third cycle TTC since the loss. I am normally not a symptom spotter, but something about this cycle REALLY has me going crazy. I use OPKs and have a very regular cycle which helps greatly. Here are my symptoms:
O Day: Positive OPK, late afternoon cramps
1dpo: SUPER bloated, cramps
2dpo: still very bloated, horribly strong cramps - like full-on AF cramps
3dpo: cramps, cramps and more cramps
4dpo: still cramping and wanting to curl up with a hot water bottle, and nausea but really hungry. I had to get breakfast and I never eat that early, lotiony CM
5dpo: had crazy weird dreams, cramps have eased up and are mild now, still there but not as bad. Pelvis feels "full", still bloated, very dizzy and the nausea is worse than yesterday, more lotiony cm, feeling hot.

I'm WELL AWARE that implantation has most likely not yet taken place. I'm not testing until late next week, but these are very very out of the ordinary for my cycle. I have been TTC for almost two years so I'm extremely in-tune with my cycle. I never cramp with O, so that alone is a red flag for me. My question is, has anyone else had these types of symptoms this early on and resulted in a BFP? I haven't been sick, haven't shown any signs of coming down with anything. I just don't know what to think on this one, and the wait to test sucks.

Am I Pregnant?


I am actually in a similar boat. 3dpo I started spotting light pink then brown. Then I had cramps in varying areas of my low abdomen. But not my nor. AL cramps, it was more like a painful stretching sensation. Which included some round ligament pain as well. A day later and still spotting, super tired and so hungry. I never spot mid cycle so I was worried and looked it up. I found a ton of stories about women who implanted 3dpo, but it's more common for ovulation bleeding. Idk what to think. I was doing so well in not obsessing over it those first two days too, but with the spotting it keeps reminding me and I keep obsessing lol. I hope we both get Bfp!

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