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Alright ladies, here we go. Looking for some feedback. I am currently 7dpo. The last 3 days have been mind blowing. Feelings ive never felt before. I am 25 years old. Please, let me know what you think and if you've had similar experiences and what the outcome was.

Im going to start with ovulation. I do not recall ever having ovulation cramps or spotting and this is something that happened this month. I had them the day before O and the day after.

1dpo-4dpo nothing hard time falling asleep.
5dpo around noon- pinkish/brown cm, followed with twinges (weird feelings) on the left side of my abdomen. These lasted till 7pm. Hard time sleeping.
6dpo- Metallic taste as soon as I went to take a sip of my coffee. Every once in a while I would feel the twinges. Not as strong. Really bad headache. Had a very vivid dream, woke up at 2 in the morning. It was vivid, strage, and i remember more than i typically. Im a dreamer every night as it is, but this was strange.
7dpo- I couldn't help myself, I took a test. Of course it was BFN. Today, the symptoms arent as strong. Ive just felt tired and achy. However, when I went to bathroom today my cm was white and stretchy with a faint tint of yellow. Not normal for me. I had a little back pain going on my afternoon walk and about 30 min ago I felt a small tingle in my left breast.

I feel like I must add that I very rarely ever get cramps during a normal AF, let alone before. All this craming/twinges are new feelings. If I do cramp AF it is very mild and not noticeable. Just an fyi.

I plan to grab a few more tests and test every other day till AF. Then see from there if I am still getting BFNs.

Let me know what you ladies think.

Am I Pregnant?


Hi, i have the exact same symptoms as you. What was the outcome for yourself please? im currently 11 dpo, and getting BFNs.

Thanks x

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