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Late but no BFP!

So I'm one or two days late (31-32 day cycles)and me and the hubby BD every other day as soon as my last period ended through well past ovulation (not temping, just estimating dates and using CM as a sign). I'm now late and took a test on CD33, which would be one day late, so I dont think it was too early. But lately I've had extreme fatigue, lack of motivation and today a bad lingering headache. I just started checking my CP last cycle and notice that it is not becoming more firm like it seemed to the day before af started. It still seems soft, closed and somewhat high. My head is telling me to listen to the test but my gut is saying I really could be. What do you think!!??
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Still no AF and no signs of her either. Trying so hard to not POAS all day every day lol. Anyone else have a BFP only after AF due date?

AF showed her ugly face today. Didn’t temp or track much this month to relax a bit. Back at it for this next cycle!

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