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Late O or implantation?

So this is cycle 2 ttc my third child. My lmp was December 7th. It came right on time, 28 days after the last one (almost to the hour so not even a little time to hope :( ) I dont temp or anything, i just track my period etc. According to my Glow app i ovulated on or around the 20th of this month. We bd'd mist of the days leading up to O day, on that day, and every couple days after 'just for fun' ;)
So yesterday at work, i felt a shooting pain on my lower left side by my hip. Lasted a few seconds and happened a few times within an hour or so. Almost felt like ovulation pain but it should have been way late for that right? Ive not really had any symptoms this time, while last month i had so many that i was certain i was preggo and now nothing. I didnt even get sore breasts around ovulation. Last month they were sore from ovulation all the way up until AF arrived and now, nothing. Ive been a little sick, like a head and chest cold for a week or so now, but no symptoms of anything at all. I noticed a lot of CM the otger day that seemed strange but nothing to write home about. So im wondering about that pain i had yesterday. Late ovulation or implantation? Would the timing be right? Any input?

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Still havent tested but cervix is high(can barely reach it) and soft (similar to the inside of my cheek?).. No idea if its opened or closed, as i can never tell but most definitely soft. The only symptoms im really noticing are bbloating/super gassy and pretty frequent urination. My boobs still arent sore or swollen. Nothing.  I swear in past months ive had every symptom in the book and almost nothing now.  I cant make heads or tails of this month. Im afraid to test bc im like 11dpo and if i get a bfn ill be devastated. Id rather just wait it out and not let myself down

My period is supposed to arrive tomorrow and my cervix is still high and wet and ive had no other symptoms of AF (or pregnancy for that matter) . My bbs havent been sore AT ALL, no cramping, not much of anything which is a bit strange in itself since according to my Glow app i logged a total of 16 sore breats days over the last two cycles And zero this month. Im beginning to wonder if the sharp pain i felt on the 29th was actually late ovulation (would have been cycle day 22 i believe). Sigh idk. I hate this.

Sooo im still waiting on my BFP or AF to arrive. This is cd35 so im really thinking that the pain i felt on the 29th was ovulation a week or so late. If so, that would put me at 13dpo with a bfn yesterday morning :( Part of me feels like im out just bc i figure id have at least a squinter by 12dpo but part of me also feels like this could be it. My bbs are only now slightly sore (only on the sides and only when i push on them). Ive had a few headaches here n there,  which isnt really typical for me. A day of bleeding gums, dull cramps, and a strange gentle tugging sensation in my uterus on occasion.  Also the occasional lightning bolt zap in what i can only assume is my cervix bc it feels literally inside of my vagina. Thats a feeling i remember quite well from my two previous pregnancies but i dont remember if i felt them si early. Ive had daily creamy cm. The texture feels more watery tbh but its white, not clear. I have a very full feeling in my lower abdomen constantly for at least a week now, maybe more. So much so that it feels quite uncomfortable. My belly has been itching and idk why. Skin stretching or excess blood flow? Ive been crazy moody which i know could just be PMS but hhonestly 'moody' is an understatement. Ive been a complete psycho for over a week. This ThreeWeekWait isnt helping matters either. I want this so badly but if im not then i wish AF would get here already so i can start my next cycle. I feel like yesterday at 12dpo (i believe)  that i should have tested positive if i was. What are the chances of actually getting a bfp later than that?  Luckily even though im pretty positive i ovulated late, im still covered as far as BD'ing for those days so i guess its just wait...wait...wait n see

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