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Late period, BFN, but still have pregnancy symptoms

Disclaimer: so it’s not like I have been TTC so I haven’t really been keeping tracking of my cycle or ovulation or any of that. I tried to backtrack for better understanding but I’m still confused. So... did the do on 7/2 period on 7/7-7/11. Did the do again on 7/14 app states I would have ovulated 7/18 I know apps are not accurate but again not actively TTC. Did the do again 7/23 okay so when back tracking based off my cycle length which varies month to month google states I would have ovulated somewhere around 7/25-7/26. Next menstrual cycle was due 08/08. My period was 4 days late. On the 5th day it decided to come but it wasn’t normal. I really could’ve used one pad for an entire day which is disgusting so I used two. Neither pad EVER got full. It was also dark red and brown blood the entire time unless I wiped it was more reddish pink in color. This lasted from 8/13-8/15 I charted it as a period nonetheless. Now the reason I find myself on this board today I still find myself having pregnancy symptoms. Once my period was late I took numerous hpt and had a blood test all negative. Someone told me the bleeding was implantation took another test 8/17 it was negative again. So I’m trying to put it in my head no way possible I can be pregnant. BUT I have been vomiting daily for the past two weeks my blood pressure has been dropping which the only time it has ever dropped as low as it has now is when I was pregnant with my son. And I still get these cramping feelings and I have never continued cramping after a period. Some days I feel so light headed I wanna fall out. With my son I was in denial so I tested late anyway not expecting to see a positive so I can’t remember much of how I felt back then except vomiting a lot cause I thought I had food poisoning. My boobs are extremely sore right now also. I can’t really go off of the lower back pain cause I was in a car accident last month so my back had been hurting awhile. it’s the cramps and abdominal pains that has me concerned the cramps are mostly on the lower left side but it does switch to the right side here and there. It’s a dull throbbing feeling. Any ideas? I know most will say go to the doctor I have an appointment this week I was just looking for other opinions until then. Thanks xoxo
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