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Late period or possibly pregnant

Just looking for some input while I wait for my gyno appointment next week. I don't chart other than using a regular period tracker, and we are not actively trying. Due to it being my birthday this month though, we went all out and while it was after expected O, due to symptoms it is looking like I might have O'd late this cycle. To preface, I usually have 28-30 day cycle. PMS symptoms like crazy too, major back aches 2 weeks before, usually sore breasts and while I sometimes have slight spotting before it turns pretty quickly to the most heavy flow paired with the worst cramping. So what is going on? Last Period started 26th of June, 4 days, normal period. CD17-18 (documented) EWCM CD19 Slight cramping, possible O date? BD'd CD21 BD'd Up until CD32 nothing major to note. Slight cramping, maybe some tummy upset, but the lack of PMS had me thinking something might be going on. No major cramping, no major moodiness, no tender breasts, feeling pretty good, maybe sort of tired starting a few days before. CD32 Went to the bathroom, tiny red dot, brownish/pink cm, assumed AF is on her way. Slight cramping, barely there. CD33 Light brown when wiping, some pink, nothing else. CD34 More brown when wiping, tested BFN. That night, after BD, some brownish red blood. Thought AF was for sure here. CD35 Nothing, no more spotting, one streak of brown after am pee, just checked cervix and nada. So here I am! I made an appointment for next monday and have one more PT I can use. At this point since I am so regular, I am trying to just assume AF is late and it's a wonky cycle, but am curious as to what others would think, especially since this would technically be the first month of "trying"? Lol
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