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Longest PMS of my life, may be?

So, I will start with a little back info. I'm a 22 yr old nursing mama of a 2 year old. We are doing BLW and she really only nurses 3 or 4 times a day and sometimes nurses at night for comfort (two year molars are finishing up). I also got off mirena in January. However, I'm not sure if nursing as often as we do would effect ovulation. I suppose my cycles have been irregular? I had two 49 day cycles, a 37 day cycle, a 28 day cycle, and most recently a 32 day cycle. I believe my last cycle was late due to a very stressful situation. I assumed this month would be a 28 day cycle since this month has been really relaxed. Since having my LO and getting off BC, it seems each cycle comes with a new, additional PMS symptom. Last month I had a week of nausea with cramps and bloat! :( This month is either leading to a dooooozy of a paint job or...? It's not like my husband and I are really trying, but we aren't really trying not to [conceive]. I have been going blindly into this and symptom spotting is driving me loco! With my last pregnancy, I had no idea of what the two week wait was. I thought it meant to wait two weeks after you missed your period! When I did test, it was very much positive and I was very much feeling pregnant. Boy, do I know differently now! This month though... Here's how it went down from my notes thus far. P on 10/04 to 10/10. Somewhere around 10/14-10/16 I had a lot of wet CM (tmi, I know) 10/16 Got down and dirty with hubs 10/19 Spotting? Why?? That isn't normal. 10/21 Started to wonder if I should track cm, or at least symptoms since I had strange spotting. I then charted where I might have ovulated if I was on a 28 day cycle. It would have been the 18th. Which means hubs and I managed to get it in my supposed fertile window. Hm. Guess we'll see if anything comes of it. 10/22 My face broke out, not unusual 10 days before AF due. Feeling crampy though, which doesn't usually happen this early, but it could just be the new thing this month. 10/23 Man, am I peeing!! Every hour on the hour. This usually happens the day before AF comes but nine days early...? I really must be irregular. 10/24 Cm is lotion/EW like. Strange. Bloated, gassy, crampy, and still peeing more than usual. 10/25 Still peeing a lot. Face is still in break out mode. Got some mood swings with my cramps a pinching/twinge in my left hip. 10/26 Took test with afternoon urine, negative. Still having all the same symptoms plus heartburn. BFN has convinced me that this is going to be a horrible period. 10/27 (9 dpo?) Still peeing, bloated, heartburn, crampy, but had a terrible back ache that kept me hopping in bed to rest every chance I had. 10/28 Got everything still. Backache has chilled out. Letting down a lot more than I'm used to when nursing. Even letting down when my shirt rubs too much. I guess they're a bit more sensitive? This is strange. Having indigestion after everything I eat. 10/29 (11dpo?) This is some evil at work in nature. PMS has never been this cruel to me. Crampy, bloated in lower tum, feeling tight in upper tum, heartburn with everything I consume (even my chamomile tea!), backaches, sensitive/buzzy nips, feeling lazy, some random waves of nausea. Crossing my fingers that AF is early if there is no baby in there! It is true misery at the moment. There was also quite a bit of lotion like cm. 10/30 (12 dpo?) Cm is like very wet EW (tmi!) Today is starting off with the same symptoms as every other day. Just feeling more tired than normal, but my LO did wake up at 1 am and wouldn't go back to sleep til 3 am and then woke up for the day at 5 am. Also having some pinches in my right hip/pelvic area. I'm still holding off on testing until I'm late, or until I really feel pregnant. I tested last month when I was feeling pukey but got a BFN and AF was 4 days late. I don't want to psych myself out but I'm really feeling icky. I feel like may be I should hold out until my boobs get sore? They were KILLER last time. That was my dead give away. But they do say each pregnancy is different... I don't know. What do you think?
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