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Loosing Hope

We are in month 7 of TTC #2. My cycles are usually 29 to 31 days except for one month when I thought I was pregnant and it was 36 days! This month I've kept a log of symptoms and I'm posting here to satisfy my curiosity and avoid POAS for a few more days. It is important to note sore breasts are normal for me in the TWW.

1dpo: thirsty!
2dpo: sore full breasts, bloated
3dpo: very slightly sore breasts, cramping R side and down R leg
4dpo: sharp twinges in lower abdomen & vag throughout day, stuffy sinuses
5dpo: nothing
6dpo: Food aversion (tuna which I love...tasted awful), wet feeling, dull cramping, heavy full sore breasts
7dpo: wet feeling, heavy full sore breasts
8dpo: fluttery feeling lower abdomen and heavy full sore breasts, craving coke, cramps very low abd, wet feeling
9dpo: reflux in the morning, BFN at night, light brown discharge a few hours later, cramping. I cried because AF is due in 3 to 4 days at this point. Very heavy sore breasts. My favorite snack isn't as good as usual.
10dpo: breasts not as sore. Very mild intermittent cramp...more like a heavy feeling than a cramp really. Sharp twinge low R side before bed BFN again :'(
11dpo: painful breasts (not sore). Very tired, but didn't sleep well the night before. A little reflux over night. Probably shouldn't have had cereal at 1am...
12dpo: AF due today. breasts slightly tender, boob muffin top today. Very tiny amount of light tannish discharge (lighter than on 9dpo), dull feeling low abdomen...AF tonight maybe? BFN. Sharp cramps.
13dpo: as I post this I'm one minute into dpo 13 and still no AF!

What do you wise ladies think my chances are this cycle? If this is a randomly long cycle then AF isn't due for 4 to 5 days. Maybe that 36 day cycle was a fertilization that just wasn't sticky? I'm running to the bathroom every ten minutes expecting AF but nothing. Trying not to test again for at least another day or so. I'm loosing my mind over here!
Thanks guys!

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