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Losing my s---

So, I was not planning on trying for kids for a few years, and have not tracked ovulation at all. I don't have very regular periods anyway so it's hard to track. Anyway, almost a month ago I had unprotected sex with my bf. The last 4 days I have had the worst nausea of my life and normally I have a very strong stomach. I'm 21 and haven't puked since I was five so it's pretty unusual for me. I have hot flashes, my lower abdomen is bloated and food choices don't seem to affect it at all. The nausea is constant and gers worse at night. Ive been an insomniac for years and now I'm in bed by 9 and asleep until 9 am the following day. I never had problems with acne before and now it's terrible all over my face and shoulders. I've had some breast tenderness as well but not as constant. I feel like I need to pee every 2 hours or less but it's rarely even worth the trip even though I feel like I'm not even going to make it to the bathroom. Waiting another week for when my period should show to take a test and I kind of just had a feeling the other day while laying nauseated on the couch that I might be pregnant. It just felt like a gut feeling no pun intended. Any advice or opinions would be amazing this is torture waiting to take the test.

Am I Pregnant?


I'm no expert but your symptoms definitely sound like BFP. Let us know how you go!

Thank you for your response! I will definitely post results when I can take a test

Am 3 days late on period but so far 2 negative tests. I've also started having pains in my hips as well as a ltitle soreness in the lower abdomen. Nausea has almost disappeared except for when I smell certain foods.

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