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Hi every one :) I am new here and have been stalking you boards for weeks now. I am currently 9DPO and just recently had a Tubal Reversal and this is my first month of TTC. since 7 DPO my boobs have been extremely sore and it feels like when I was breastfeeding and I heard my infant cry they would tingle. Around the same time 6 or 7 DPO I woke up at 3AM which I never do and I was nauseous not a full on vomiting nauseous but just really queasy. The past two nights I've been having the craziest dreams and even was able to call my grandmother yesterday afternoon and tell her the full dream! That never happens. I know its crazy I been testing since 7DPO but I guess I am just anxious. I also have to add that I've had slight indigestion and sharp pains near pelvic area for a few days. And I truly have the overwhelming feeling I am pregnant. So I am not sure if this is just my body adjusting to the Tubal reversal from last month or am I pregnant? I've taken First Response 6 days sooner test, Clearblue test and also one step test! AF is due in 4 days. Please help I am going crazy POAS and devastated when I see a BFN.

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day one of my missed period negative PG test went yesterday for blood work and awaiting results!

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