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Lots of Symptoms until 9DPO then nothing.

Hi all,

I'm hoping to hear from ladies with a similar experience to mine - and either hear what the outcome was for you OR join the journey with you for this agonising 2WW!

This is the first month my husband and I are actively trying - and accordingly I am probably aware of "symptoms" far more than I ever have been before. BUT I also have a body that is highly sensitive to any type of changes, whether it be hormonal, diet, stress etc... so I don't want to discount my symptoms altogether.

Almost straight after ovulation (or when I think I must have ovulated) I felt like "I just knew" I was pregnant. And the days following (1PO - 8DPO) I had a LOT of different symptoms that developed .... nausea (when driving), fatigue, feeling out of breath for a short walk up a shallow slope (I run regularly so this is strange), dizziness, tender nipples, breasts feeling fuller, stuffy sinuses on 8DPO, lots of different cramping in left side, bloating and LOTS of gassiness.

But then yesterday (either 8DPO or 9DPO) I woke up and felt nothing really. I still felt a little more hungry than normal, my skin has broken out (but that isn't uncommon for AF coming), and my nipples are still a little tender... and today (either 9DPO or 10DPO) I still don't feel as many symptoms as I had in days 1DPO to 8DPO.

I did a test this morning (9 or 10DPO), even though I know it is probably still too early, and got a big fat BFN.

So now I am starting to think all my early symptoms may have just been in my head because I was now looking for them....

Anyone else have a similar experience with symptoms suddenly disappearing? Any insight or general discussion would be great thanks :)

Am I Pregnant?


So after my BFN yesterday morning (9DPO) I was feeling pretty depressed all day ... even though it was my own fault for testing so early. But then in the evening when I went to the toilet there was a dark red bit of spotting in my underwear... IB perhaps?? My period runs like clockwork, 27 days every week, and I've never bled mid period... so it's fair to say my hopes were pepped up by this.

This was followed by weird twinges and cramps for the next hour or two. And this morning I have a dull feeling in my stomach, as if it's empty and hungry, even though I had a good size breakfast.

Going to wait until Friday (12DPO) and test again... Crossing fingers!!

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