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Might be pregnant but not sure

So. I think I may be Pregnant. I am not on birth control and my partner and I have had unprotected sex for the last 16 days from Dec 23 to Jan 7th. Sex on the 23rd was at the tail end of my period. I track my periods and my next was due for Jan 12th. On Jan 8 ( four days early- which I’m rarely early) I had a small amount of red/pink/brown discharge. Thinking it was the start of my period, put a tampon in. Not much on the tampon but some red. For the next three days I had light pink and brown discharge. Not enough for a tampon and maybe like a thumb size amount on a pantyliner in the course of an entire day. I have had no blood clots what so ever. No cramping but I have been very emotional. I have had many headaches over the last week as well. I have never had an early period with barely any bleeding. I have a gut feeling I am pregnant. Haven’t had any discharge since the morning of the 12th. I tested this morning with early response and it was negative. I’m pretty well in tune with my body and I guess I’m just hoping someone else had a similar situation with this type of spotting. Anyone have similar spotting and get a BFP?
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Am I Pregnant?


Spotting and bleeding in pregnancy (particularly early on) is common and seems even more so with an assisted pregnancy. It seems to be one of those things that people don't talk about until someone opens up. I never knew that my mum had bleeds until 13 wks with her first pregnancy (that 'baby' is now 50) until I spoke about my bleed at 7+1. I had no follow up bleeds after that one and no cause was found, I am now 18+5 with twins that are both going well. If it continues I would think about seeing your GP or going to hospital. Here I can advise you for Bio tex clinic as they have been there for me throughout my fertility journey. The first thing I did with mine was to call the health hotline (it was after hours and they said 'get to hospital'). I hope it resolves quickly and is the last one that you have. Hopefully you get some answers soon.

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