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More than just a 2 week wait

Hey ladies! First post here :) Right off BC got a BFP on my 2nd cycle, and lost it at 8 weeks. Since it was my first time TTC I didn't know I had lost it, I sill felt uterine twitching for almost a month after that and when I went in for an ultrasound to see no baby I was shocked and devastated. After that we toned it down a bit, but doc said we were fertile and said not to give up! So after that mess I started tracking everything with an app. Anyways, last cycle, I started mild cramping a week before AF was due, but AF didn't show up until a week late (very strange for me, usually 27 days this cycle was 33) and was heavy. So thinking I conceived last cycle but it didn't stick, did not get a positive test at all AF just showed late. This cycle I had mild cramps and a pink spot on Jan 10th when I wiped only a week after AF stopped which was strange. I have never experienced bleeding between cycles before. Google is my best friend, said it's most likely ovulation bleeding. So I said ok I'm ovulating early this month, let's do the baby dance! We had sex every day from 1/10 through 1/15 just to be sure! So on 1/16, I started getting these mild sharp frequent headaches just like I did with my previous pregnancy, and fatigue too. After a few days that didn't stop, noted mild random cramping and nausea on and off 1/18 through 1/22. Also mood swings off the wall, got into 2 arguments with spouse and lost my temper at work several times which is very abnormal for me, tried to push pregnancy thoughts away from my mind. On 1/21, I had a vivid dream in which I was told "you aren't eating enough! You need to eat more so the baby inside you will grow!" That was at 11 DPO I woke up thinking my dream told me I'm pregnant yay!! So 11 DPO I took a test with FMU, BFN :(( super disappointed. Figured my dream was BS and AF will come this weekend. By 12 DPO I have been experiencing mild cramps, nausea, frequently urinating, super bloated and gassy, and sensitive boobs. 13 DPO still experiencing theses symptoms and peeing all the time. I was hungry in the am and decided on a cup of soup instead of my normal 2 cups of coffee. Ate an entire carton of soup. I felt twitching in my uterus (which I had with previous pregnancy) right before lunch, then after lunch headache and fatigue hit me again like a sack of books, I figured it was because I didn't have my daily dose of caffeine, so I made a cup of coffee with my fave creamer. It surprised me that my fave drink tasted rancid! Same exact thing happened with the pregnancy I lost, but I had gotten a positive test by then. 14 DPO same symptoms except i had this insane urge to clean and scrub everything in my house. Hubby had to take scrubby away from me to get my attention and while we were talking I found myself scrubbing with my bare hands lol. While cleaning I leaned against the counter and found my abdomen sore to lean up against (another symptom I had with previous pregnancy). Also got hungry and thirsty right after I laid down for bed and had some chips and a tall glass of water , then when I laid back down I had extreme nausea and started gagging and trying not to puke in bed. Didn't end up throwing up, but remember being super uncomfortable and also having pulling feelings in my uterus and burping a lot which made it difficult to sleep (also had that with the first pregnancy that I lost) Today is 15 DPO. AF is due tomorrow. I have convinced myself I am pregnant based off all my symptoms, but I'm afraid to take another test because I can't handle the disappointment if it's another negative or a positive then lose it. We really want this baby to stick! And last month I got my hopes up when I missed AF but was devastated when it showed a week late. Also even with the "ovulation spotting" I am not %100 sure that is the exact day I ovulated because I didn't temp or use an OPK. So this month I'm thinking I should wait to test until a week after AF is due so I don't get my hopes up. On the other hand, I have this gut feeling I can't shake like I just feel like I am pregnant! I have 1 dollar tree test that I really could take at any moment, and it's soooo tempting. I feel like I should have a BFP by now! But I haven't taken any since 11DPO because I was so upset that day and I'm having a hard time controlling the moodiness the past week or so.. idk maybe I'll take it in the morning when AF is due and pray for 2 pink lines! I'm going crazy lol. Do you think I should test now or wait another week? Can you tell by my symptoms when I may have implanted? Any ideas on how to stress less over the 2 week wait (or in this case maybe 3)?

Am I Pregnant?


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Still convinced I'm pregnant! OP was 6 days ago, the day before AF was due. The day AF was due, I was too chicken to test. The only new symptom I noticed was cravings - not specific cravings just really wanting new tastes, something sweet, something salty, etc. ate some weird things that I absolutely loved like cream cheese cinnamon and powdered sugar on toast, or ham, tuna & sour kraut sandwiches (sounds gross but I loved it), also the thought of hot dogs/sausage/chicken made me feel like puking. No puking yet but lots of burping nausea acid reflux and heartburn. The day after AF was due, aka CD 28 (normally 27 day cycle) another BFN! Grr. So since last cycle was 32 days (wrote 33 on OP but double checked and was actually 32), I am going to wait until CD 32 (tomorrow!) to test again. This time, instead of dollar tree tests, I went all out and got a 3 pack of FRER's. If the test is negative tomorrow and still no AF, im going to wait a whole week before testing again. And if that's negative, another week. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. But if so, I'll go to the doc for a blood test. I'm already losing my mind so hopefully I get my BFP soon! Speaking of losing my mind, the mood swings are still in full swing, it's like I'm a redhead all of the sudden, I am more stubborn, assertive, generally irritable, and quick to lose my cool lately which sucks because I feel out of control and I don't want to be that way. On the bright side, I feel super happy/funny/outgoing/positive today which is a nice change. Also having a lot more vivid pregnancy dreams the last few days. Sunday was a nightmare that I gave birth we were happy husband unbuckled baby from car seat and handed her to me, she seemed too small, the blanket came off to reveal a fetus that was half baked/shriveled up resembling ET! Which was followed up with that negative test. 2 other dreams my fiancé and I were enslaved and at the end of the dream we freed ourselves and were running into the wilderness, one of them I was hugely pregnant having a hard time catching my breath, the other dream I had to steal my own newborn and we ran into the woods with a lil tiny baby. Back to reality: other changes I've noticed that my headaches are not as frequent, my boobs aren't sore anymore, still sensitive but they don't hurt at all. They do feel big & heavy, and I have a bunch of blue veins showing up all around my nipples. Not having cramps discomfort or pain and nothing even resembling AF is on the way (normally get bad cramps, headaches, back pain, and fatigue to tell me AF is coming, usually comes with the full moon as well and last night was a super blue blood moon so if AF were to come I'd assume it would have come by now). I have very mild stretching pulling feelings in my uterus but hardly noticeable so I don't think it even resembles menstrual cramps at all. Also I thought I was having frequent urination last week - let just say today I had to take 11 (yes 11!) trips to the bathroom to pee just between the hours of 8am and noon. That's peeing 2-3 times per hour which let me say it gets old fast! At this point I'm about 75% sure I'm expecting and my hopes are up. If AF comes ill be very surprised. Right now it feels like my entire life is on hold waiting for a stupid pink line.. I am so done >.< ok venting is over now. I promise to update again tomorrow morning to let you know how the test went!! Wish me luck!!! :)

Hi!! I think your symptoms sound promising, but I don't have much insight to offer, as I am in the same boat!! Several days late with many many symptoms, and am afraid to test again because a BFN will just tear me apart, not to mention completely confuse me! I will admit that it is reassuring hearing that someone else is going through basically the same thing that I am! Please keep us posted, and I have my FX for you!

Thank you Little Lisette. I am not in a great place right now but i am thankful for your support and i said i would update! After my last post i felt a little worried/confused, like all my symptoms stopped and i felt completely normal but still no period. My hopes were so high. Yesterday morning (CD 32) i tested negative with Frer and Fmu. Was gutted. Went to work trying not to think about it, until around lunch time when i noticed a spot of pink on the toilet paper when i wiped. Next trip to the bathroom more pink and old sticky brown spotting when i wiped but not enough to stain my panties. This got my hopes up, i was thinking maybe i am pregnant and just implanted late, that would make sense of my confusion over negative test that i was sure was going to be postive yesterday morning because i was sure i was preg. Last month im pretty sure i concieved and it just didnt stick. So i thought, "if this is implantation bleed, that means that what didnt happen last month to make it stick must have happened this month" so i went from sad to hopeful yet again, i was sure i was going to be a mommy, thinking this spotting will stop today or tomorrow and ill just test in 3-4 days and get my bfp! Anyways , the light spotting continued/slightly increased after i got home, more sticky brown and less pink, and clear discharge mixed with it but still not enough to discourage me or need a panty liner. Should have worn one just in case because at 3am this morning AF showed while i was asleep, lots of dark clots but also some bright red blood which means im out. (Cries). Its not my normal AF (normally i get horribly painful cramps, bad headaches, sore boobs and fatigue, no spotting no pink or brown, and all dark bright red with clots until the very end when i sometimes get some of the stringy brown and this time i have very mild cramps and no headache or sore boobs) but im pretty sure this is AF. Unless the bleeding magically stops today or tomorrow then maybe just a weird late implantation bleed, but im pretty sure that i just lost baby 2 months in a row. I am devastated. Feel like ive been thrown for a loop, and at this point even if a bright light shined down from heaven and a big booming voice said "YOU ARE PREGNANT!" I wouldnt believe it. I dont think i even want to try anymore. Obviously theres something wrong with me and i cant make a baby even though i want to more than ive ever wanted anything in my life (except marrying my hubby).. every time i try im just completely heartbroken and i cant do this anymore. Im no longer TTC. Im not going to prevent, but im not going to try anymore either. What I am going to do is focus on taking care of myself my husband and my dogs. And I know that all day every day ill still want to be a mommy just as bad, and ill still get angry about every baby/family commercial and cry at the store seeing parents with their children, and still avoid my friends and family who have kids. But Im going to ignore these things and instead focus on being healthier all the way around and bettering myself as a person. Im also going to enjoy doing things that would be harder with a kiddo. Im going to plan a vacation. Im going to switch to a paleo diet. Im going to learn martial arts. Maybe these experiences will somehow make me a better mom when its time. Im going to be happy, and trust god with his timing. Peace out. I hope your news is happier than mine and I wish you the best of luck.

Updating again because I might not be out! I said in the earlier update: "unless the bleeding magically stops". And that's where I'm at. So Thursday spotted off an on from about noon to bedtime, not enough to even put a mark on my panties. I woke up in the middle of the night that night with red blood, what I thought was AF due to the light red watery blood and dark clots. The next day (Friday) I had similiar discharge all day, Saturday it slowed down, Sunday I spotted brown and pink again and that was it. So spotting for a day, light bleeding with clots for 2, and then spotting again and that's it. With my period and miscarriage experiences, ive never experienced something like this during either. The main strangw part is during all this spotting and bleeding I've been still having frequent urination, and uterine twitching and stretching pulling movements randomly, my boobs are sensitive, and heightened sense of smell andother early preg symptoms. So I had to look this up and I think it's decidual bleeding, basically I think that I may have implanted late and my body didn't respond to the hormone change soon enough to completely stop my period, so I had a decidual bleeding (basically a partial period), and my uterus only shed part of the lining. So whatever I was on on google said to test again in a few days! And I'm going to and we will see! This is totally 100% possible that I just has a strange short late period but I really think something is going on. And if the test is negative I'm going to the doc anyways to figure it out. I resent myself for noticing this stuff, but it is way not normal for me. Hate not knowing exactly why my body is doing what it is doing. I wish I could just have normal symptoms, find out early, and have a good healthy pregnancy. I didn't even know bleeding can be a part of pregnancy, I thought any bleeding was a MC, with the exception of implantation bleeding. I will update to let you know if I turned out to be preg or not! :)

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