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Hi guys! First time trying! very excited. so for 6 months i have been taking those cassava root pills. we did it thursday, i got a positive for ovulation on saturday, and we did it sunday. monday had extreme cramps, different from AF. they were pulling and pinching! was a tad bloated. had a huge wave of nausea driving. but i was like its too early plus maybe i drank too much in vegas over the weekend. tuesday same cramping. backache. hips ache. went for a run. cramping subsided. wednesday - small cramping here and there. back hurts a little. im only 3 DPO right now so not sure if i am imaging all this. its our first time actually trying and i know they say it wont happen the first time so im trying not to get excited. my boobs don't hurt they just feel bigger. my periods are irregular so I was thinking maybe ill test next thursday when my predicted period should come around saturday. i only have cramps like 4-5 days out from period. not around ovulation. this is all new and the cramping feels different. but then i always hype myself up. hate the waiting :( trying to be logical as lots say you can't feel anything right now the egg if fertilized hasnt implanted yet.
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Am I Pregnant?


Have you ever noticed how similar the early signs of pregnancy are to garden variety PMS? What a joke, especially for those optimistic fertility enthusiasts! Sore breasts? You’re definitely pregnant! Or, you’re about to get your period. You know- one of the two. Back in my days of daily temperature monitoring. I could never tell if my tender boobs were from an actual pregnancy or from me squeezing them every 45 seconds in an effort to determine if they were sore. The old “chicken-or-the-egg” conundrum. Pregnancy symptom edition. Do I keep fondling my boobs because they are sore, or are they sore because I keep touching them? Does anyone else suffer from this monthly lapse of judgment? Surely I am not the only woman who manufactures pregnancy symptoms even when she is trying not to get pregnant. It is better to just wait and let things take its course.

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