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Nausea and pinching

Average cycle length: 30 days. I use ovulation sticks and get a positive on CD11/CD12 I’m currently on CD29. For the past 5 days or so I seem to be getting very hungry and nauseous when hungry. Once I eat it seems to calm down... until a couple hours later when I’m hungry again!! I’ve also been getting what I can only describe as a punching/stabbing pain in my lower pelvic bone, more to the left side. This has been happening the past 5 days or so on and off too. Its not really painful it’s just noticeable and I’ve never had this before. My nipples hurt too but this is normal PMS I took a pregnancy test on CD26 which was a BFN. What do you guys think?

Am I Pregnant?


I am CD29 also and am feeling very nauseous. Initially i had a heartburn which turned into being nauseous! However, every time i take home pregnancy test, they are negative! I never felt nauseous before! I will be taking a blood test by the end of this week!!

I am on CD 33 and sore nipples are killing me. I got a BFN on my due date (CD 31), but I think I tested too early. Will test again on Saturday. I hope this is our month. Lots of baby dust to everyone

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