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Hi everyone, I am 28 and my husband 30. We are in our third proper cycle of TTC and I came off BC over a year ago after we got married. Before TTC we were using withdrawal method which worked for us - I wanted to give my body a while to adjust back to normal after over ten years on BC. I had been cycle tracking from about 3 months before we started TTC, and my cycle is usually around 26 days with AF lasting 3/4 days normally. I didn't think I would be the type of person to symptom spot during the 2WW but have ended up doing it every month, getting my hopes up and then being really disappointed - I know so many of you can sympathise with this! From tracking our first two TTC cycles I had come to the conclusion it was possible that I ovulate earlier than the apps I am using suggest I do (they always says CD13 or 14) and therefore I decided to start BD-ing with my husband as soon as AF was over this month to see if it made a difference this cycle. This is also our second cycle using pre-seed and my first using OPKs (although I didn't get a single positive on them testing with FMU CD4-22 so gave up!). Things definitely feel different this cycle...but I'm worried I'm just so in tune with my body during TTC that I'm noticing things I haven't given a second thought to ever before. As I don't know when I actually O'd I can't explain symptoms by DPO so here is a list of the different things I've noticed this cycle (today is Thursday evening, AF is due on Monday): CD1-4: AF, normal flow for me CD5-11: Nothing to note except some mild cramping on CD7 CD12: Frequent urination CD13: Faint pelvic cramping on left side + backache CD14: Faint pelvic cramping on right side + backache CD15: Faint cramping, loss of appetite and mild nausea CD16: Faint pelvic cramping on right side CD17: Faint pelvic cramping on left side CD18: Faint cramping CD19: Faint cramping, headache, went to the loo at work and my urine smelt really strong (similar to the smell you get when you eat asparagus, but not quite the same), lots of CM on the tissue when I wipe (unusual for me) sticky and creamy in consistency CD20: Really thirsty. Backache around my lower back and hips, appetite increase (felt lightheaded if I didn't eat - unusual for me), faint cramping, headache, lots of CM this time EWCM rather than sticky and creamy CD21: Really thirsty. Faint cramping, feeling bloated, headache, tired, frequently urinating, feeling nauseous but still have the increased appetite, starting to wonder if the frequent urination/strong smelling urine are cystitis (did do a lot of BD-ing this month!) rather than pregnancy :( no burning sensation when weeing but experience a slight discomfort (like the feeling you get when you really need to wee) in vagina even though I had been to the toilet within the last 30 mins...this was in the evening and had gone by the morning. Still lots of CM, gone back to being sticky and creamy CD22: TODAY - same faint cramping but today it felt more like a stitch, not painful but almost like a pulling sensation + lots of CM still sticky and creamy. Cutting up raw chicken to make dinner tonight and the chicken had a strange smell to it... I pregnant or do I just have the dreaded cystitis from too much BD-ing? I had this once about ten years ago and remember the burning sensation when you wee, I am not experiencing anything like this but still worried it could be this rather than the BFP I'm really hoping for. AF due on Monday (CD26) so I am worried about testing this early...particularly because I don't know when I O'd - although I suspect earlier than the apps predicted which would have been CD 13. I've tested before AF due in previous cycles and then she always arrives the next day and I'm doubly annoyed because I've wasted a pregnancy test as well as it being a BFN. Would be useful to know if anyone else has experienced symptoms like this (frequent urinating, being thirsty, strong smelling urine, faint cramping almost every day during 2WW, lots of sticky and creamy CM) and ended up with a BFP. If I can hold off on testing until Saturday/Sunday I will but the temptation to test tomorrow morning is real! Arghhhh two week wait is driving me mad. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on these symptoms.

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