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So I got low prog on CD21 (3.2) and was told I may not be ovulating. I told the doc I ovulate late and so was referred to a private gynaecologist for Clomid. He tested again for prog (CD28) to make sure, as didn't want me to take Clomid if I WAS ovulating. He also did a Beta HCG, despite me saying I have irregular cycles so was probably only 5 DPO (acc to FF I ovulated on CD 23).

So anyway, this was last week... This week I got impatient and took a few HPTs (the cheapo ones) and got v v faint positives. Yesterday I bought a 'posh' one (with the + sign) and got a faint positive (but less faint). Today I took another 'posh' one and another cheapo one and got a darker line on both. The doc rang back to say my Beta HCG came back 'very negative' (I thought it was either 'positive' or 'negative'?!) and when I told him about my HPTS he dismissed them cruelly, saying they were most likely false positives! Oh I've just remembered I didn't get my prog (CD 28) results back off him either - would these have shed any light??

So this afternoon I raced up there for more bloods (prog levels and quantitative HCG) and will get the results back tomorrow, hopefully.

I know it's not long to wait but I also know I won't be getting ANY sleep tonight until I know there's at least a glimmer of hope that I'm right and he (the 'expert?) is wrong...

I've been having mild cramping around my uterus / top of thighs, inner thighs, and am really tired today. Yesterday I had a heavy feeling in my uterus but that's completely gone today.

It's not CD37 and even if I had a short luteal phase (10 days) and ov'd on cd23, that would mean my period was due cd33 so is 4 days late....or if I had a 'normal' (14 day) LP then it would be due today... :-/

Anyone ever had this before??

PS I took Vitex and Vitamin B6 for 2 weeks but have now stopped.

Am I Pregnant?


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Just incase anyone else is in the same situation, I can confirm that I am indeed pregnant! Progesterone was 63 and HCG 800+!


So if you get told by the doc that the bloods are accurate and your HTP is wrong, stay positive and perhaps your bloods were taken too early as well - I must have ovulated late, as I suspected :-)

Good luck everyone!

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