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Negative and Waiting

Hello Everyone!
Here is my story...
My last period was on January 27th. My boyfriend and I have done "the dirty" several times and it is hard for me to tell exactly when; especially since it isn't always protected. I had brown spotting on February 12th but figured nothing of it. I've also been feeling dizzy but figured nothing of it due to having bronchitis earlier in the month of February. It wasn't until February 24th (the day of my expected period) that I figured something was up, but I always assume it'll come a day late because it's been doing that since I stopped b.c. last year. It didn't show and still hasn't. I've done numerous urine tests, which were all negative. A blood test was done as well at 5 days passed the time my period was supposed to be due, still negative. I went to the gynecologist and she told me that she didn't see AF coming within the next few days at least. I'm currently on day 11 without a period, and today I had a little bit of brown spotting in the morning, than nothing, than several hours later just some pinkish brown spotting. Just for fun, I've been messing around with the pencil test (the one that sways up and down for boy and side to side for girl). I used to do it for fun and always had results; currently I hold it over my wrist and it stays still and if I hold it over my stomach it moves. Just wondering everyone's thoughts.

Am I pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant?



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