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So I ovulated 7/18 had intercorse the day before and 2 days after I've been cramping on and off ever since with a pulling sensation in my ovaries. As of today and yesterday frequent urination and sore boobs. I took a test 4days ago and very faint bfp but took another test from the dollar store and negative I'm due for AF 8/2. But has anyone had any similar experiences?
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I had had long irregular cycles since coming off of BC in march. On Saturday I took 3 Walgreens blue dye hpt and each of them had what I thought was a very faint line. The next day I took a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant so then I took a first response pink dye hpt and that one came out negative too. I was due for AF 10 days ago. I took the tests last Saturday and Sunday. Still no AF. I'm frustrated. The past two nights I've had AF cramps and then wake up to no AF. I keep reading we aren't out until AF comes. Wait a few more days and test again. Waiting is so hard !!

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