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Not Actively Trying, But...

My husband and I discussed in January that we wanted to try to conceive sometime in 2017. My gyno recommended getting off of birth control (which we did the first week of January). I had my period sometime between January 13-16 and have been regular since. My cycles have been running 30 days or so. My husband and I had sex on the morning of 8th (4 days ago) which would have been one week after my most fertile time. We have not been actively trying--mostly saying "let nature take its course" until after we move to our new house and get settled in a month or two.

I had the STRANGEST thing happen yesterday (3 days after intercourse) where I started feeling like I was sucking on pennies or something. The only other time I've had this happen is when I was on medication for a kidney infection years ago. I've not changed my meds, not doing anything different. I honestly had no suspicions of pregnancy whatsoever until I googled "bad metal taste in mouth" and that was one of the very first things to pop up. I may be insane for thinking that a woman could have symptoms 3 days after conception, but I honestly haven't a clue when the metallic taste in your mouth typically hits. I'm not exactly sure that I think I may be pregnant, but it's just the strangest thing and I thought I'd reach out. Anyone else experience this or hear of such a thing?

Am I Pregnant?


I am 28 yo, could be in better shape, but healthy. My back is also hurting and I've felt nauseated... but I think that may be "all in my head" since I've started investigating possibly being pregnant.

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