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Not actively trying but driving myself nuts trying to figure out if i could be pregnant

Okay so I got pregnant my freshman year of college and had an abortion. I've since graduated and have been actively trying (and failing) to get pregnant. I can't help but feel like God is punishing me. But anyhow, I recently watched a video where a girl said that the fastest way to conceive is to just to treat it like an experiment and not get all worked up. So this past cycle, my boyfriend and I conveniently got into a fight which resulted in me not even wanting to try again at all. Being that I wasn't checking my fertile dates, I estimate that we bd on like the third day of my fertile window. The only thing that makes me wonder is that fact that while i was working a wedding, I had some garlic and herb potatoes that made me want to vomit. The smell of garlic/onion made me naseaus for like a whole week. Also, I had this urge to spit every three seconds for like a week as well. I found my mouth just having so much excess saliva and I kept having to spit it out. And lastly, I had horrible cramps accompanied by nausea. Its now two days after my expected AF. All symptoms have subsided. About three days ago, I started getting cramps that resemble my normal period cramps ( pelvic cramps) but no period. I've been wearing tampons just in case but still nothing. When I wiped like two days ago, there was pink but nothing since then. Sorry this was so long but i really need to know if I'm just freaking out.

Am I Pregnant?


Don't wear tampons unless you have active flow!! Yikes!! Hope you get bfp soon!

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