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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Not normal for me

No PMS symptoms, always have tender breasts not this month. Ovulated later than most people do. Always start AF at 27 days at 30 days now. Still no signs of pregnancy or PMS. I have also done 2 hpt both negative but I am only 10 DPO. With my daughter (who is 8) I didn't get a positive test until 1 week past missed period. I have only been a week late once before and that was the week of my wedding, which I planned and was at our home, so I chalk that up to stress plus it was 2 years ago and have been normal ever since. I also need to mention that I had a Hysterosalpingogram last month...we want this so bad! Just trying to stay calm and positive.

Am I Pregnant?


I really hope your test is what you are expecting. I had a question similar to yours. It is scary how many different sites and blogs give you very different information on signs and symptoms. i googled early signs and symptoms and was more confused after reading some of the posts. I did find site that was pretty straight forward and clear and gave me a variety of symptoms but also mentioned that i might have a few or none. Perhaps it might help you. You can read it at I am still too early to take the test so for now i will just read up on what i can find on Well wishes.

So i tested today, got a very faint second line. My doctor is ordering an HCG Quantitative today. I am lucky to work in a PCP office and have medical staff readily available. I will update everyone once labs come back. We have been ttc for 2 years and our 2 year anniversary is 9/12/17 so that will be a great way for us to celebrate.

Another a BFP from HPT and from Hcg blood work! Two year wait and we are prego!!!! Yay! Baby dust to those trying. Don't ever give up and educate yourself. The more you understand your body the better your chances are.

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