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Not trying and not preventing

I am 41 and my DH is 40. I have three kids from a previous marriage and we’ve been TTC for over six years with no success. After one year of trying we sought out help from my OBGYN. She prescribed two rounds of clomid and said if that didn’t work then we would need to see a specialist. Needless to say, it didn’t work. We didn’t see a specialist for another 3 years. The RE told me that I have adenomyosis and a fibroid tumor (that magically disappeared the day of the surgery) and my DH has low morphology. After my “surgery” the doctor said he couldn’t explain why the tumor was no longer there and that DH and I should be able to conceive naturally. If nothing happened after 6 months, come back. Well.... nothing happened. However all these years of trying I had every symptom of pregnancy under the sun! You name it, I had it. Every. Month. We never went back to the RE and figured if God had it in His plans, it would happen. Every month for the past six years has been the same.... 28 day cycle, spotting for up to a week before AF (thanks adenomyosis) and then the worlds heaviest period for two days. Fast forward to now.... These are the only symptoms I can remember for this month. Cd 12, dtd, not sure of ovulation day. Cd 22, light pink spotting (normal for me) Cd 23, spotting has turned brown (NOT normal for me) Cd 24, spotting has stopped completely (also not normal for me) Cd 25, boobs slightly sore, still no spotting (normal for me) Cd 26 and 27, nothing and no spotting. Surprisingly dry cm. Cd 28, emotional. I cried many times throughout the day. No spotting and no signs of af, AT ALL! This is not normal for me or anyone with adenomyosis. This is the day I should have started, but still VERY dry. Cd 29, one day late, still no signs of af and still dry. CP high and soft. Lower back pain. Cried again today while talking to my mom. Cd 30, two days late, no sign of af at all. Lots of creamy cm, to the point that I thought I started my period and went to check. Cd 31, still no signs of af. Tested in the am, BFN. Confused. Heartbroken. Very weak feeling. Tired in the afternoon. Thought I was going to pass out when I went to pick up my son from school. Laid down for another nap. Cd 32, lower back pain. EWCM in the evening. Cervix is soft and very high. Headache all day. Cd 33, headache for most of the day, finally took medicine. EWCM this afternoon. Still no af or any signs of it. Checking my cervix is not comfortable. Cervix is still high, soft to medium. Very tired. Went to bed at 8:30 and slept until 6:00 the next morning. Back pain and stiffness. Cd 34, slight headache in the evening. CP/CM not checked today. Dr. appt scheduled for Monday to review old blood work results. Called ahead to see if I could get a pregnancy test done ahead of the upcoming appt in hopes that he could read the results at my appt. Told no, has to be scheduled at my appt. Boo. Still no af or any signs. Still tired, went to bed at 9:30. Back pain and stiffness. Cd 35, very high cervix, could barely touch it, EWCM. Could it be? Could I actually be pregnant? After all these years of trying and crying? What do you think?
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These are the only symptoms I can remember for this month, the tank trouble game free.

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