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Hi all ! So, here's the scoop, I went off the pill in August & started tracking my cycles as we were deciding on wether or not the time was right to have our third, That has proved to be berg difficult for both my prior pregnancies as I have bery irregular cycles that are normally quite length. I had a period in August none in September & my last was Oct 17th which lasted a regular 5ish days. Here's the TMI details so read on at your own will. My DH & I have been using condoms every time since I went off the pill (damn indecisiveness) & on Tues Nov 7th we DTD with a condom but after he ejaculated (I was on top) & after we continued for a few minutes I hopped off to head to the bathroom to realize the condom had slipped off & was stuck in me. (Not all the way - partially hanging out) hard to say wether or not the sperm was in the condom. Now, this past Tuesday Nov 14th after a BM I wiped & had a little bit of brown spotting on the TP. Followed by extreme bloating with some minor cramping yesterday & today. I have no idea when my ovulation may/may not have occurred.... just wondering what you all think, did we just have chance decide on our 3rd baby for us or am I freaking out ?! Pregnant Yes or No ? Thanks All !

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