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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Hi ladies!

Currently 8 dpo - here are my symptoms:

-lots of creamy cm after ovulation
-sharp stabbing cramps on one side of uterus a few days ago. Still cramping like crazy!
-some reflux, which is very odd for me
-waking up in full-body sweats, which again, is very odd for me unless i'm sick
-very vivid dreams
-so bloated today with painful gas! looks like i'm already pregnant and 6 months along haha
-"bunny poops" haha...pretty constipated but feel the need to go every hour today

Curious to hear what you guys think!

Am I Pregnant?


AF came, which was completely unexpected! I was already 3 days late and my nipples were even turning purple and getting larger. I had slept 12 hours the previous night and was exhausted all the time! Next month, hopefully!! As for right now, the silver lining is finishing my last couple ciders in the fridge ;)

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