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Opinions... Do you think I'm pregnant?

Hi. Hubby and I have been trying for the last few months with no luck. This last month we have been holidaying so my focus has been elsewhere for once (usually it's all I can think about) so I haven't been able to use ovulation tests or anything, just old fashioned rough estimates. But over the last few days I have noticed some strange symptoms which usually I'm looking out for but considering my minds not where it usually is I'm hoping they might actually mean something and not imaginary. I'm very tired, to the point where all I want to do is take a nap, I've had a little nausea although not been sick just having to walk away from certain smells and things. I'm very irritable at the moment as well which seems strange as there is literally zero stress in my life right now. Also my boobs are aching. Not painful like everyone else seems to have but tender at the tops and bottom, as well as throbbing nipples. And I'm peeing like crazy! AF is due now but they are irregular. Wanting to do a test but are staying with the in laws so I can't and won't be home for another week. Want do you think?

Am I Pregnant?


That sounds pretty good to me!! I started getting EXHAUSTED around 8/9 dpo to the point where I was asleep before 8 PM every night. My urine output increased and I didnt realize how often I had to pee! And I was almost unbearable to be around because of how mean I was being to everyone. SO cranky!! FX for you! 

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