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Ovulation bleeding?

Second time trying to conceive. First pregnancy symptoms were exactly the same as now, with one exception: bleeding 4 days before my expected period. I've NEVER been that early with my cycle. The bleeding is similar to a very light period and stopped after less than 24 hours and then another spot this evening. It's reddish pinkish with small mucous clumps.

Current DPO: 11
1. Have had sore breasts that are much larger than normal (only ever had this with my first pregnancy)
2. Crying over small things
3. Heightening sense of smell.
4. Urinating frequently.
5. Food aversion.
6. Some fatigue
7. Constipation (have never had in my entire life and didn't know what it was at first)

Am I Pregnant?


I meant to say implantation not ovulation.

Implantation bleeding usually occurs 5 to 8 days after ovulation. If its dark blood then maybe it was just delayed in coming out. Otherwise, I'd say it's pre period spotting. Good luck!

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