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PCOS: 1st cycle of Femara 2.5mg and trigger shot

Hi there! Just a little background on me, I'm 25 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS. I started fertility treatment this month for the first time with Femara at 250mg x5 from CD 3-7. My lining is good and my DH's sperm count is very high. My problem is I don't ovulate on my own and was given that medication to help stimulate ovulation. They found a follicle on my right ovary and it was developing at a very healthy size and I was given the choice of the trigger shot to force ovulation. I took it and i'm pretty sure I've ovulated the next day. We BD 4 days before, during and 1 day after ovulation. Since then here are my symptoms: 1 DPO: - sensitive mild pelvic pain on right ovary - frequent urination - unbalanced emotion - tender / sensitive nipples - loose stool - a weird cramp like sensation around the pelvic area 2 DPO: - sensitive mild pelvic pain on right ovary - frequent urination - unbalanced emotion - tender nipples 3 DPO: - pelvic mild pain started to disappear - frequent urination - tender nipples - mild nausea - loose stool 4 DPO: - pinching and pulling sensation on the right side of my uterus (does this mean implantation started? Apparently takes 1-3 days from start to finished?) - sensitive nipples, looks like it got darker and more larger - breast started to get some tingling sensation, but comes and go - high energy in the morning - emotions are more stable today - mild head ache 5 DPO: - intensify sensitive nipples and breasts are too but very little comparing to the nipple - increased appetite - irritable - pinching and pulling on the right side of uterus - slight pelvic cramps - increased libido - frequent urination 6 DPO: - sensitive nipples, but decreased when woke up and started increasing later in the evening - mild nausea - emotional - mild head ache - increased appetite - increased fatigue, even though i had a good 8 hours of sleep. kept yawning and also fell asleep - started to feel cramps from lower abdominal and pelvic area - mild cramping starting from the back and down to my thighs (mostly the right side and a bit on the left). it almost feel like a burning sensation too from the back - sometimes pelvic cramps to the bellybutton (felt it about 2-3 times?) - frequent urination - slight increased in libido 7 DPO: - woke up this morning and felt really normal, no symptoms - then started to feel a very faint wave of nausea - in the late after noon, started to get hungry and was light headed - even after i ate, i was still feeling someone hungry and have an appetite to eat more - increased fatigue - nipples are still sore but not as sore - mild head aches - gum bleeding - very mild cramps on the right side of the uterus - watery EWCM with a bit of white milky and stretchy mucus and saw a drop of brown blood. After I cleaned myself it was not as wet and only the white sticky discharge was left but very little - sleeping but kept waking up in the middle of the night - took a pregnancy test (the cheap ones from amazon) was negative * although there’s lots of symptoms this day, they are very mild and barely there comparing to other days 8 DPO: - just woke up, feeling normal and more energized - nipples are not sore anymore, very tiny feeling of soreness Basically, I don't get my period regularly and when I do, they are usually very painful and heavy. So I am confused if these symptoms are normal for menstrual periods or could they be a sign of pregnancy? Also, I'm starting to notice my symptoms are starting to not be as strong as they were and each morning when I wake up it don't feel anything... Just wondering if anyone out there is currently in the same situation that I'm in and got a BFP? Im not suppose to test until 2 weeks after my trigger shot as it may give me a false positive! Please help! Thanks in advance! V

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