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PCOS hoping for BFP

I have PCOS and haven't been ovulating so I went on birth control to regulate my PCOS symptoms and my period. I decided to lose weight and I have just lost 68 lbs and this is my first cycle off of NuvaRing.. I am due to get my period June 25th. We BD'd CD 1,5,7,10,13,14 Since CD 15 my boobs have been so sore and heavy. Anytime I take my bra off they just feel soo sore. They have been consistently sore ever since. I had cramps from CD 15-CD 21 (they felt a little bit different then period cramps) and then I got cramps again on CD 23 (these ones felt just like period cramps) CD 20,21, + 22 I was EXHAUSTED. I took a 3 hr nap on CD 20 & 21 and woke up still feeling very drained and tired. On CD 22 I was falling asleep in my night class which never happens. I've been having vivid dreams between CD 21-24 I've been peeing A LOT ever since CD 18. I have 5 days until I can test and I'm going crazy. I really think I could be pregnant but knowing it's only my first cycle off of birth control makes me second guess myself and also not knowing if losing 68 lbs was enough to help me to ovulate again. I'm so anxious.

Am I Pregnant?


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