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PCOS So Surprise Pregnancy?

I had pneumonia last month. It started with a cold on July 30th and I only got rid of it finally about a week or two ago. It was pretty bad, with breathing really hard and a nasty cough. Anyways, that's significant because I got my period 31 days ago, right after I got diagnosed with pneumonia. I only ever get a period when something stressful is happening, such as pneumonia or starting a new job or travelling to another country. I can list all my unmedicated periods (which have been no more than 10) based on what event was happening. XD Prior to that last period, I was on my 230th day without a period. When I'm not on medication to start periods (such as bcp or provera) I don't have any pms symptoms. Aside from changes in CM sometimes, I don't have any irritability or sore breasts or anything. So, around what would be normal ovulation time for everyone else, I began to get irritable. I recognized it and pointed it out to my husband who agreed I was being irritable. I didn't think much of it, except that my hormones were wacky. But now it's CD31 and I've had a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I'll list them here, but I wasn't keeping track so I don't know when they occurred except that it was within the last 2 weeks. Metallic taste in my mouth Strong craving for buffalo sauce Really sore breasts off an on. They always ache, but they get more intense at time. Can't wear a bra. My areolas are darker, with a ring around the outside. And shiny. I notice a few more Montgomery tubercles than I normally do. There's a blue vein on my areola next to my nipple. (Don't know if it's always there and I'm just being overly analytical) Breast are bloated and heavy. Very bad back ache early on that lasted a couple days and then went away. Frequent bathroom trips for #2 Heart burn for no reason, which is worse at night and in the morning. (i never get heartburn) Some nausea, but no vomiting. Things taste more intensely. (My husband couldn't tell the milk was off in our coffee but I couldn't taste anything else) Things smell more intensely. I was very dry (painfully so) near ovulation but now I'm getting milky-lotiony cm. A feeling like I pulled something in my pelvis/lower abdomen. I had some cramps early on that made me think I would be getting my period soon, but it was too early. I had a tiny bit of pink when I wiped early on when I was still dry. Some irritability. For the most part my symptoms seem to be disappearing, except that my breasts are still very tender. As I'm writing this they're giving me trouble, lol. I haven't tested yet. Initially I didn't test because I was afraid I was being ridiculous. I've had many fertility treatments and I over analyzed every little symptom and always got a BFN. So I think I'm afraid to take a test and get another BFN and then feel so stupid about spazzing over this. My mom bought me some tests anyway (she super excited about this) but she hasn't given them to me yet, so now I don't want to go over to the store and get a test because she already paid for one. You know what I mean?

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