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Period 6 Days Late, IB 4/28, BFN

Hubby and I are working on our 3rd child. Throughout Feb/March this year, I did not have a period and had intense pregnancy symptoms in March: heartburn, tender/swollen breasts, heightened sense of smell, food aversions, etc. I had IB at some point in early March (can't remember which day exactly). I took a PT on Fri 3/30 which was BFP. I tested again Sun 4/1 and got another BFP. On Mon 4/2 I started spotting and got a BFN. By 4/3 I was full on bleeding until 4/5 with major cramping in my lower back. I am not sure if this was a chemical pregnancy, intense period symptoms or a miscarriage. Naturally Hubby and I grieved our MoonBaby, and decided to try again. I figured that since it was more likely just a period with intense PMS, we started trying right away. I was estimated to ovulate around April 18th-ish. We did the baby dance a few times around April 14th and 23rd. I had light pink blood and discharge IB on 4/28. Around 4/30 I felt slight cramps and thought for sure I was going to get a period (VERY similiar to my experience with the 2nd pregnancy). It is now May 6 and my period is 6 days late. I thought for sure I would have at least a faint line positive, although I am not past the 2 week mark yet. I was diagnosed with a mild form of PCOS in early March of 2014. After being diagnosed, I found out I was pregnant one month later and gave birth in January of 2015. I do tend to have irregular periods but since giving birth in 2015, my periods have been pretty regular, and always occurring on or around the 1st of the month, or at least between the 1st-6th. I tend to ovulate later in my cycle, and did so with the previous 2 pregnancies. With both pregnancies, I tested BFN until about the 3rd or 4th week of being pregnant. I then got a faint line positive around the 4th/5th week. A BFP was visible on a digital test around the 5th/6th week. I noticed it takes my body weeks and weeks to produce enough HCG for at least a faint line positive. During this cycle (2018), I am 6 days late with no PMS except bloating, heightened sense of smell, slight heartburn and frequent urination. I have taken several tests that are BFN, but if I AM pregnant, this would be consistent with the previous 2 pregnancies with an expected faint line positive around 5/12. Either I will get a period or a BFP. Do you think I could be pregnant again? Or is this typical of PCOS? Thanks for your help!
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looking back yes, at the time I didn't really notice them much. I kept smelling things that didnt' really smell that much, and when I tried to take a drink of a vodka/redbull (my drink of choice before BFP) I seriously couldn't swallow it. I didn't drink after that because it sounded horrible. Then right around missed period I got cramps, but no period... I knew something was up, so I tested. DARK BFP. My breasts basically never stopped hurting after ovulation. They just kept getting more and more sore and my nipples, which are normally not sensitive, were extremely sensitive and sore. Had cramping about 10 dpo and my lp is 13 days. Those were the only symptoms I had. 7 days before my BFP and 5 days before my missed period I had a serious bout of dizziness. I had to lay down because I thought I was going to pass out. I had it several more times that week, and several times after my BFP. I didn't attribute it to pregnancy at the time, but I guess it must have been.

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