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Period due tomorrow, no symptoms. Pregnant or because of Plan B?

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex near when I was supposed to be ovulating, around May 8th. We always have unprotected sex first, and THEN put on a condom. (sorry if i get graphic) So after he put it in bare, we used a condom and he came inside it, while inside me. I’m worried the condom may have slipped down and some of the semen may have seeped out and entered that way. My last period started on April 19th and is due tomorrow, May 24. I have a 35 day cycle. About 8 days ago I had some very mild cramping that came and went for about 3 days. I was also feeling exhausted some days, and still am currently super tired for no apparent reason. I don’t usually cramp over a week before my period is due. Could this be implantation cramping? It’s rare for me to start cramping even as early as TWO days before my period. After the mild cramps, my breasts became sore for only a few days as well, but now I have no cramps and my breasts feel fine. I did however have back pain for a short amount of time, like 2 minutes and then it went away, and that was 2 days ago. I find it odd that my period is due tomorrow and the ONLY thing I feel is really tired. Usually I can just FEEL when I'm about to get my period, usually I just know. But right now I honestly just feel like its not coming. It felt more like I was going to get my period a week ago when I had those other symptoms. I took pregnancy tests but they all are negative. I did take a Plan B pill 4 days ago for a separate occasion where I had unprotected sex again (obviously we didn't learn our lesson the first time). This time we didn't use a condom at all, and he still came inside. I took it about an hour after that. Could this be a reason why I feel like I’m not going to get my period? On another note, could I still get pregnant from that? I know Plan B is supposed to prevent ovulation from happening, but what if I already ovulated and an egg was still there? Could Plan B fail me in this case? I’ve heard of girls getting pregnant days before their period, still having their period that month and then the next month they don’t. I’m worried this might be what happens to me if I'm not already pregnant from the first incident. I am 20 and my boyfriend is 22, we are in college and not trying to get pregnant. But if we do, we both feel we are responsible enough to take care of a baby and that we’ll be okay and figure out a plan. Anything helps! We just want more opinions.
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