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Period is 3 days late, negative HPT ?

I normally have a very regular cycle, usually 31 or 32 days. I baby danced with my partner 4 days before I ovulated, that’s the only time we had because of our work schedules in the military. My boobs have been swollen and nipples are extremely sore, and my lower back has been killing me. Also have had strange dreams all month, along with a few dizzy spells and fatigue. I’ll be honest I haven’t had really extreme symptoms to the point where I know for sure I could be pregnant, but I have had some that are very out of the ordinary for me. The day I was supposed to get my period I had some cramps and was extremely moody so I was sure this month didn’t work but it never came. I’m three days late now and none of the tests I’ve taken are positive. I have lotion-like white CM and am still getting a little cramping here and there but mostly my lower back has been killing me and I can visually see that I’m extremely bloated. Which is highly unusual. I don’t know what’s going on with my body! Will schedule for a blood test at the doctors to be sure but what does everyone think??

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