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So me and my fiance have been trying to get a child for a couple months now. We have had some signs of a pregnancy until boom typical period. I have researched and researched a lot to know how to conceive. Well this time it was completely different! So today is 8/28/2017 and I felt a very quick 2-5 second sharp pinch pain shoot through my lower abdomen and then shoot up my spine that would come back every minute or so, this happened only about roughly 5 days ago. Frankly I can't afford to get a pregnancy test at the moment. But I have been super tired, felt extremly nauseus at time especially when I should be eating. I would normally eat and feel a bit better until about 20 minutes later I feel like I am gonna puke. I have also been feeling major pain in my back and abdomen. And it feels like my lower abdomen is full with something and feels like stretching.I have had the gassiness for about a couple days. (my mum told me when she was pregnant with me she was super gassy when she missed her period.) The only thing I haven't had yet is a period, suppose to get that soon this week, and normally I am feeling the cramps by now, but nothing yet or any type of bleeding. It would be awesome if someone could help figure out because I have never had this happen before, mostly the symptoms of pain and frequent having to pee and tiredness with bad nauseia. Especially the sharp pinch pain in my lower abdomen. Thank you for understanding everything I just said I want to know by others who have had a child before, I don't want to tell my fiance till I am for certain I am this time, last time we got really upset. But please help me figure out, it would be greatful!

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I had the pinching feeling both times I was pregnant. Are there any free clinics in your area that you could get a test from should your period not show?

Yea there is a few but I don't have a car or the time to do. Plus I still kinda live with my mother until I can get my own place, so I am trying to hide it as best as possible.

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