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Please help me.... Am I pregnant.???? Please help

Hello to everyone.
Me nd hubby ttc for 3months. I have really no idea whats going on with the periods this month. IN OCTOBER & NOVEMBER i got my periods only for 1 n half days. My cycle is 24-26 days and bleeding for 3 days. Last month i got periods on 9 December 2017. This month on 1 January 2018(expected date of period) i got lite spotting in evening which make me cry tooooooooo much. Anyway i kept pad and waited for the flood. But nothing came. I have been spotting for 5 days (brown color) but only when i wipe out other than that nothing coming out in pad or no red spotting. No red blood only brown (normally lite but sometime dark). Yes i wipe out really dark black brown blood cloth (like egg white) after that stop and it's start coming white creamy CM. TODAY i go to doc for check up she did only ultrasound and she said no pregnancy. My reports are normal. I m really toooo much depressed can someone please help me like why this happen or AM I PREGNANT???
Your advice & idea will be really helpful and highly appreciated.
Baby dust to everyone

Am I Pregnant?


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