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Please help...first timer

Hi everyone,
I apologize for not using the appropriate acronyms - I'm new to all of this!
This is my first time tracking my BBT (using fertility friend) and all seemed to be going well until it changed my ovulation day this morning. It's day 21 in my cycle and it originally had me at day 15.
I say it was all going well because I had the expected drop for my ovulation day and then it spiked back up afterwords. NOW, I wake up and take my temperature and there's a slight drop in my BBT and it gave me a message saying they can better asses my data now and have changed my ovulation date.
My question is if someone could look at my chart and tell me if they seem right or not. Could it be my implantation dip?? I've had symptoms but honestly who the hell knows what's what when you're this excited and nervous during the two week wait and many of the symptoms are similar to your period. It's maddening and I'm trying to stay hopeful but seeing my ovulation date change to day 21 made my heart drop to my stomach this morning. I got excited that I might have been pregnant and lo and behold I wasn't even ovulating. I understand this may be because it's my first time charting and I also just read FF can be faulty when you don't take your temp at the same time every morning. Either way any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.

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I did peek at your chart and based on temps alone, I would say the current assessment is most likely correct. The slight drop isn't what changed it, it's the fact that you had 3 sustained high temperatures in that upper range.

It would be really helpful, for both FF and you, if you checked and recorded the quality of your cm. When fertile cm dries up, that's one of the clearer indicator that ovulation has most likely occurred.

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