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Possible Early Ovulation, Pregnancy Symptoms since BD, 9/12 DPO

Hello! First time posting here.I have a really strong feeling I am pregnant and this site has helped me so much now and in previous "am I pregnant moments". So, I made an account today to share with you all. My LMP was 12/26/17. My cycles are usually 33 days and I've been using a period app called "My Calendar" for the last 2 years. So it's pretty accurate! Not currently TTC but also not being super careful either. I'm perfectly happy if I am pregnant and now after the long drawn out last week of symptoms, I'm actually hoping I am! ANYWAYS! BF and I BD on 01/03 and late 01/05. Immediately on 01/06 I began having symptoms and I've been tracking them everyday since then. I've been pregnant before (which ended early) and having such similar symptoms it just convinced me I might be again. I know it's crazy but with my last pregnancy I knew the next day and even tested positive at 21HCG level at only 3 weeks pregnant. So I found out the earliest I could have at 7dpo. That time I did ovulate early as well! So, here's my symptoms so far. It's still really early ! 01/06- headache, backache, pelvic pain similar to my ovulation pain. However not due for ovulation until 01/12. Stomach feels tight and having stretching feeling in abdomen like I did in my previous pregnancy. This immediately caught my attention. 01/07- Same symptoms as previous day 01/08- same symptoms plus cervix feels sore. Also, my abs are REALLY SORE like I did a 100 sit ups. Never had this before and this have me really wondering now. 01/09- Same symptoms plus a bit of nausea at night. Abs hurt so bad, for no reason to do with exercise! 01/10- same symptoms and headache is back. 01/11- same symptoms plus nipples are just barely noticeably tender. 01/12- same symptoms and nauseous again. Boobs are heavy and sore. Feels like pms sore boobies. I usually get sore breast 1 week before period. However if I didn't ovulate early like my symptoms make me think I did, then my period isn't due for another 2 weeks on 01/26. Today would also be my ovulation day according to my app. But I've been having pregnancy not PMS symptoms since day after BD. So I'm confused! This is just like my last one! 01/13- same symptoms but now abs are less sore but soreness is still noticeably there. Very sore abs when sitting, same with back ache. So yes, feeling miserable for a week now! Also noticed veins in breast are more apparent. 01/14- same symptoms as before. Cramping a lot more like on period. Also have a general "full" feeling in my tummy. Have been touching and holding my tummy without noticing. I tested today and got a negative. But I do know it's too early! I couldn't help it >< -- UGH! I wasn't particularly looking for symptoms or thinking I was pregnant until my body went crazy. Everyday I've had symptoms that I can't ignore and some of my cramps make me cringe out loud. Also the sore abs and the associated discomfort has been noticeable on my face each day lol. I can't even hide how I'm feeling. If I calculated correctly starting today I could begin testing and I'd be about 9 or 12 days since BF and I BD, which is when I think I ovulated. So I'm hoping I'll test positive early and sometime soon! I guess this means I'm in the one week if not two week wait until my expected period on 01/26. Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you all think? Anyone have similar and was pregnant? Anyone have similar and wasn't? **For now I'm going to assume I ovulated on the 01/03 or 01/06 when BF and I BD. So please look at dates from then and forward as that would be day 0. -I usually always know when I ovulate and can feel it. Being that I ovulated early and felt so similar and "just knew" last time, I can't help but thinking it's the same thing happening this time. What do you all think and when do you all think I should test again?
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Hi! Thia is my first post to this site so hope I'm doing it correctly! Your symptoms seem promising, especially since you've felt them before in your last pregnancy!! I would test in a day or two, but waiting until AF is due is what some people would suggest. Hoping for a BFP for you!! Think i ovulated early as well! A few days after we Dtd, which was a day before ovulation, i was getting a weird sore feeling in my abs too lol! x

@An7756 Thanks for commenting! I know the tww is so long and I'm unsure of if I need to even wait that long. Ugh. Well thanks for the advice! So you have sore abs too? Do you still have them? Any specific areas ? My ab soreness was/is my whole abdominal area! However the cramps and pain are in my cervix, uterus, and previously twinges where my ovaries are.

Yeah I had them too! Same as where you said, kind of all over my abdomen. They went away and I've had a bit of cramping lower but that's all I'm feeling pretty much! I dont think I'm pregnant, I was jusy once for a few weeks(ended with a CP) and my stomach feels a bit similar to that but I've no other symptoms than that! Yeah if I were you, I would only wait a day or two, and if it's BFN wait a few more days as Hcg should double aprx. every 48 hours! But you seem to be rrally in tune with your body-- since you knew 1 day after last time that you conceived! I think you should trust your gut feeling x

@An7756 Wow! Sounds like you might have some suggestive symptoms too! The sore abs is a completely new thing but seriously why else would my abs be hurting for a week now? Completely bizarre! I have read that some women do experience this in early pregnancy as things get situated and because of the increase of progesterone. I'm thinking today I'd be about 9dpo if I ovulated early like I think I did. So I'm going to wait until Wednesday and test then at 11dpo. I just don't see how I could feel this way if I'm not pregnant or if I didn't end up ovulating a whole week early. My normal period is due 01/26 and if I ovulated early its due 01/20. So I'm really hoping by this weekend at the absolute latest I'll know! Hope you find out what's going on too! When is your AF due? Are you planning on testing as well?

I forgot to mention last night I woke up A LOT! But Everytime prior I had a dream. They all had to do with various things but pregnancy was always part of it. In my last dream my mom said she approved and "granted me permission" to have a baby. Lol it was the oddest dream! I already talked to my mother about this all since she's had 3 kids. She of course doesn't really remember her pregnancies but is convinced I am pregnant. What an odd week! Hopefully I can keep my brain together lol! I'm in my last term of school before transferring to work on my Masters. Looks like I might have some scheduling to rearrange!

Oh my goodness! Yeah, having a lot of dreams is a symptom I've read on a lot of websites!! Wednesday seems like the perfect day to test!! Let me know whether it's positive or negative!!:) So you believe that you ovulated a week earlier than expected? I hope you get the result that You're looking for! You are hoping to be pregnant? I read that you're not actively ttc but would be happy to fall preg. Unsure when AF is due! I think I o'd earlier, too. I got a VERY NEAR pos OPK that I only ever got right before or right after ovulating, bur since then my opks have been negative. So if I o'd early, then I am about 7dpo!:)

Just got another not quite but veeery close positive OPK so so unsure now? Haha!

@An7756 Oh you should test then! I know you can show up positive on Ovulation tests when pregnant because those tests aren't made to tell the difference between the two hormones so it'll show up positive for hcg as well. I'm wondering if that's what's happening for you? Let me know! Yeah I didn't think I'd necessarily be excited right away if it "accidentally" happened but now it does have me excited. I guess I'm feeling more ready than I was expecting, in a way. So yes I am hoping so at this point! Really? I haven't heard anything about the crazy dreams before. Now I'm going to have to go look! I'll definitely let you know what's happening on Wednesday!

Ah that's what I've heard too, but I just feel like I'm not pregnant. I dunno. I'm also not actively trying. We're kind of using the fertility awareness method but not doing a great job of it lol! Will still be sooo happy if we are though! We definitely weren't expecting it when we fell pregnant while i was on the pill but were excited nonetheless:) Aww! Well then I'm hoping a BFP for you then!! Wednesday is when you'll be testing next? And yeah! I rememver seeing crazy/vicid or more frequent dreams as a symptom of being pregnant. I can't remember why it was, but a lot of moms-to-be said they experienced it! Hopefully it's true in your case as well!!

@An7756 I was just reading about that too. It's so weird because I don't recall this happening to me ever. I was so sleepless but had so many dreams and could remember them each time. Well you know even if you don't feel like you are you still could be! It's crazy isn't it? My new symptoms today was noticeably bloated and full stomach feeling. Plus frequently peeing and my cramps carried on throughout the day. Somewhat light cramps though. Also my veins in breast are much more apparent now! I can see the veins coming from my armpit, chest, and neck to connect with them. Whoah! I can't deny that's a new one this time around. I know that can happen but this early on is crazy to me. It would explain why they hurt so much! I really hope I get and answer on Wednesday. If not I'll wait and try again on Saturday!

Ahh I've hears that sore/veiny breasts are one of the earliest symptoms that some women notice when they conceive! Omg, you've got all the right signs!!! I hope you get an answer on Wednesday too. I'm excited for you!! Do you have any children currently or would this be your first? Sorry about all the questions lol, just happy to have someone to share all this with! And yeah you're right, never know! Could be pregnant, who knows?! So crazy!

@An7756 At this point I'd be REALLY surprised if I'm not. I've never felt more sure before except for when I was! However this time (assuming I am) I'm feeling more symptoms but perhaps because now I'm also noticing them because of they're relation to what I've experienced before. Who knows.. The abs soreness and veins in my breast are both first times symptoms for me though! I keep trying to figure out a justification and I can't >< No I do not have any children however I love them so much and all I've ever wished for is to be a mother. I'm just in University still, so of course planning a bit better was my intention. However I'm not upset either way. I've been working with children for 12 years now. So I'm very comfortable with all of this right now. If anything my hopes are secretly up now and I just want answers. It's thrilling! However, equally nerve wrecking! Will you be testing ? When? - I hope I get answers on Wednesday too. I also scheduled a pregnancy test at the docs on the 24th if all fails. However it's only a urine one. I guess for confirmation? And if I am, I'll need confirmation to switch my insurance over anyways. So win, win I think! Ugh the 24th is in a long time though! I can't imagine feeling this way for that long with no answers. I know it's still very early for me but I couldn't help but to begin to notice how I'm feeling! Do you have children? I did see you say you had a cm before. But not mention of children. No worries on the questions! That's why we are both here :-)

Ahh I'm totally betting that you are as well then! A lot of women just know when they are, and you're having similar symptoms as when you were! Sounds suppper promising! Wednesday can't come quick enough!!! Awww wow you've been working with them 12 years? That's incredible!! Bet you're gonna make an amaaaazing mother!:) Yes! Thrilling & nerve-wracking! And the not knowing part of it all adds suspense lol! I'm not sure if I'll test early or not. Haven't decided yet haha! I just woke up right now, my time it's 2:01, feeling a bit sick to my stomach and have the similar feeling to when I was pregnant the first time, but also DH is sick and perhaps I am just getting a big. Don't have any kids but I work with them as well! Only for just under a year, though! That's good you've got a doctor's appt scheduled!! If you still havent gotten your period after it's due and are getting negatives, I would ask for an quant. blood test:)

@An7756 I feel the same way but the body can be so crazy sometimes. I have a lot more cramps today and cramps/soreness in my cervix. My stomach feels heavy and I just "notice" it's presence all day. If that makes sense? Almost AF like. But it's WAY to early for that still. Sorry if I am repeating myself I'm trying to continue on with my symptoms list in case other people end up reading this. Awh thanks! Yeah I've done a lot of babysitting and nannying in the past. As well as working as a children's sport coach and an Au-Pair nanny working abroad. Plus in a daycare lol. Many years of experience! I hope I will be too, I'm sure most people hope to be a good parent. Hmmm, your symptoms are confusing! You should come up with a timeline so you know when to test, in case you are sidelined with a surprise pregnancy! I agree and I will! Good advice. I'm also confused on which AF due date I should use because of my suspicion of ovulating early. However, at least I know my original and latest expected day for AF is 01/26. So I guess my 01/24 appt should be okay. Hopefully so!

Also, I had ANOTHER restless night. Waking up often and dreaming heavily each time prior. So weird! Feel so exhausted today ><

Yes I feel mu stomach more too! It's been feeling warm on and off, just something familiar about it. But weirs stomach feelings is the only "symptom" I have haha. I cant wait to see what your test says on Wednesday!! Im hoping for your BFP! I'm about 8 dpo right now, if i O'd when i think, so my next perid is due on Monday. Don't know if I'll end up testing before then. Sorry to hear you had another restless night!!! No fun! Hopefully you get some sleep soon:)

Yay! Me too! Well let me know if you do! It's countdown time now...

Ah! Yes keep me updated!! Can'T wait to hear from you!

@an7756 Another vivid dreamed filled night. Restless and woke up at 5am needing to pee so I decided to test with a FRER got a BPN :-( I was hoping I'd get a positive early. Especially since I tested with the FRER. I'm starting to doubt myself but at the same time I just know I feel different! I can't explain away all my Symptoms either. Ahhhh well. I still have another 4-9 days before I'm considered late. So we shall see! I'm going to test again on the 20th, which is 14dpo (which is 14 days past when we BD). If negative then, I think I'll test again on the 23rd and 26th. That should have me covered!

I realized taht for those who are not planning for pregnancy tend to have the positive results instead. Like in your case. I have had troubles in my fertility.7 years ttc. But then I later found out of Bio tex clinic and I am now satisfied. So my first child came along when I was not anticipating. I missed my periods and felt like it is the same old story. Since I am going through pcos. But then I started some crazy symptoms. Mood swings and vomiting. The morning sickness and felt tired more often. Then my husband suggested that is should go for a test. At first I was reluctant as I have been ding that for the past 7 years. And I thought that it will be another fail. But then I was surely pregnant. So reading your story feels like mine. I do hope it ahs the happy ending.

Ah sorry to hear that, but you're not out til AF comes!:) You're still early! Ans that's true; you've got a ton of symptoms to show for it, so I hope you get a BFP and that'll explain everything! Any new symptoms today??:)

@noreenn It's weird how that works huh? Well I've always wanted to a mother I was just hoping to be done with my 2nd degree first. Honestly I didn't think it was possible for because that's what the doctors have been telling me since I had my first period. However, in 2016 I became unexpectedly pregnant. It didn't end well but at that point I didn't even know I could concieve! I ended up having to have them remove my pregnancy because it wasn't viable but was still attached to my wall. Which was the very surprising for me! The main issues I was told I'd have was with an egg being able to embed in my wall. So the fact that it wouldn't "detatch" was promising for future Pregnancies. I had a birth defect when I was born called gastroschisis. Basically I was born with a hole in my stomach and my insides were outside. Because of this I have a "fake bellybutton" and a lot of internal and some external scar tissue. This the reason a pregnancy was doubtful. Also I was told it'd be a bit more painful from all the scar tissue being broken up. Anyways! Ever since that experience I knew if it happened again Id be excited and that if anything (without purposefully trying) I'd more than welcome it. So naturally I'm excited to feel this way again. Still nervous because I'm not sure what's happening still ! Thank you for the well wishes! I'm so happy you were able to concieve :-)

@an7756 Lol you're my saving Grace in this process! Glad we have been sticking through this together! I agree! In it until the AF comes! (Or I get a BFP!) Symptoms today at 11dpo are: Sore/heavy boobs, veins still present Dizziness,Exhaustion Creamy white CM Underlining cramps ALL day ( for the last few days) Heavy feeling in my uterus/abdomen area Backache all day Faintly Sore abs especially when sitting Vivid dreams and restlessness last night So pretty much all the same symptoms!

Still looking promising! Glad we're in it together as well! Hoping for your bfp! A heavy feeling is a good sign I've heard!! All pointing to you being pregnant!!! I'm 9dpo and just have tugging feeling in my ovariea/uterus?? And was insanely hungry today, though i feel even if i was pregnant, it'd be far too early for that lol! Also DH keeps telling me I'm pregnant, half joking half serious lol!

@an7756 Ooo exciting! Sounds like we both have a long way to go. That tugging feeling I had for a few days. My last pregnancy I had it for about a week, it was my first symptom! Hmmm I can contest to my hunger woes too and mad craving for cookie dough lol. Yeah the heavy feeling is so interesting I mean even on your period you don't really get that. It's so bizarre! I'm over it lol. The clock needs to move faster! Ha ha

I just can't believe it's been 11 days of this already! I guess I'm really going to in for it if I am pregnant lol. I can't even conceptualize all the physical and emotional feelings and changes. Today I'm feeling very emotional and also irritable. I've been on the verge of crying all day! For no reason >< I can almost laugh at myself and how silly I'm feeling

Awww! Crazy how emotions go all crazy lol! Last time I fell pregnant, before we found out, husband said "you're either pregnant or your body thinks you are, because you never cry this much!" Ahh where was the tugging feeling in your last pregnancy? Does it feel the same now? :) I never really understood what people said when they said they get the heavy feeling, because you're right; it doesn't normally come with AF! But today I was walking to the kitchen (to find anything to eat lol!!) and suddenly felt like it was heavy, hard to explain lol. But so strange! Ahhh yes still a long way to go, but at least you've got 11 days down and aren't still at 1dpo or anything!:)

For me it's almost like I can just feel that it's there. Like only my stomach is part of my body, it's hard to explain! It feels full-like! You're right , time IS passing! I don't have as much of the tugging anymore. It was only for a few days but it felt EXACTLY like it did in my last pregnancy. It feels like your abs are stretching and are tight. But only in small areas, like someone is tugging your muscles up to strech them out? Which actually makes a lot of sense considering what our bodies are actually doing when you have the feeling associated with a pregnancy. Yeah the emotional part is getting to me. My friend just out right asked me today if I was pregnant because I've been really emotional and being weird ha ha. I was a bit shocked and then almost cried in response !

Yeah I understand!! Something just feels different, huh? If aren't pregnant this month, then these symptoms are so weird lol! I Think I'm having the same thing with the abs! I have a bit of tugging down below my belly button but been having a weird feeling further up too! Also had heartburn for the first time ever yesterday! So confused to be honest lol Aww! That's weird how she just asked! I've read so many things where family/friends ask if someone's pregnant out of the blue and they end up actually.being preg!!

@An7756 I can say that you have been through a lot dear. I am so sorry for everything that you underwent. It seems to me as a baby you went through a lot. With what you have said surely you might undergo some complications. I have not even heard of such a defect before. Now that you call it fake bellybutton. But since you once were able to be pregnant. I do hope that it can repeat itself again. And this time round let it be viable. You don't know how sorry I am for going through all that. Leaving with infertility for 7 years seemed hard for me. Yet out there are other people going through difficult things than that. Do not be discouraged. I believe at the end of the day things will work out in your favor.


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