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Hello! I am a wondering if anyone could give me some advice. This is my first time using something like this. I usually just read forums. I am 22 years old with a 3 year old. On December 6, 2017 I found out that I was pregnant. I told my husband and my best friend. My best friend went with me to confirm the pregnancy and they told me that I was on the back side of a miscarriage. I started bleeding lightly on Saturday December 9th and by the next day it got heavier. The bleeding lasted 5 days like it was my normal period. I was told I completely miscarried on Tuesday December 12th. Sunday January 7th at around 6:30 pm I used the restroom and when I wiped I saw a little bit of pinkish blood. I thought ok, AF is starting. AF is usually very heavy and really bright red and the only time it started light was last month during my miscarriage. I had the pinkish blood only when wiping for the rest of the night. I decided to put a pad on. The next day I was expecting the severe cramps and "the gush" but I didn't get either. I usually have very bad cramps the day of and the day after AF starts. I didn't have any for the first two days. The second day (JAN 8th) of the light bleeding, some was light pink, some was pinkish brown almost like a dark brick color and there was a few times I wiped and saw a tiny bit of bright red. When I saw the bright red I thought oh there it is, there is AF, but the next time I used the restroom it was back to pink or pinkish brown. I told my best friend and she gave me a BBT thermometer (she doesn't need it any more she found out she was pregnant Christmas day). My cervix was high, hard, and open and I had slight cramping for a few minutes then went away so I shook it off as nothing.I had a terrible headache. The last day (JAN 9th) only lasted until about 4 pm when it had completely stopped. I have never experienced this before. I checked my BBT on the last day and it was 97.4 F. First time ever using this. My cervix was high, hard, and open. Another headache. After all this happened I realized something wasn't right and that is when thoughts of pregnancy came to mind. I was using the bathroom more frequently. Today (JAN 10th) I checked BBT again and it was 96.6 F. My cervix is high but today it is soft and closed. I have a slight headache, my CM is between watery and EWCM I can feel it sometimes when I am standing but not often. I have used the restroom 3 times this last hour which is not normal for me. I took a test and it was clearly negative. I haven't had any other symptoms and "AF" was quite unusual. Any advice? Thank you ladies in advance.

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