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Pregnancy after medical abortion

I'm new to this but me and my boyfriend tried only 1 time last October 1st time having sex during my ovulation week. I got pregnant with a baby girl 1st time trying but had to have an abortion at almost 17 wks Jan 24 2018 she was missing an X chromosome. Hardest thing ever and it still hurts. I had my 1st period Feb 28-march 5th.. according to my 1st day of my period i should have ovulated march 15th or 16th. We had sex march 15th and I also had clear mucus with it looked like a few strings of blood. Then next day i had creamy mucus with pink in it. I never bleed after sex not even the first time after my procedure. My question is do u think the blood string mucus was ovulation bleeding I don't ever remember having it but now I notice everything. My Dr said I should have no problems getting pregnant and we could try right away. But I'm scared this abortion will make things harder. Any input. I hope I am pregnant I can't check till next wk. Oh and this morning I had really light pink discharge super light I had to stare at it

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So sorry for your loss, dear. Very sad. I wish you the best of luck getting pregnant again with your rainbow baby!

Experts advise that getting pregnant too soon after an abortion, that is, within three months after the procedure, could be harmful. In case of a medical abortion, the uterus softens due to the effects of medication, induces contraction to expel the fetus out. This is followed with excessive bleeding at times. On the other hand, a surgical abortion is done through suction evacuation followed by curettage, that is, sealing of the cut blood vessels inside the uterus to reduce heavy bleeding. It takes a toll on the uterus and also the health of the woman. It is ideal to wait for at least six months after abortion before trying to get pregnant. The reason of conceiving again quickly after abortion should be analyzed. If a women had abortion due to some medical reasons, then probability of those reasons to occur again are high that puts the child and mother on high risk. Some women regret their choice of abortion and want to get pregnant quickly again that is a psychological guilt and thus not a sound option.

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