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Pregnant after IUD removal?

Hi all! I am new to this site and not familiar with the abbreviations and such, so I apologize! I had the Skyla IUD for about a year and a half and had it removed on 11/14/17 because of unwanted side effects. I had heavy bleeding for about 6 days after the removal. Around the 28th of November I felt like I was ovulating and we had unprotected sex, but he pulled out in the knick of time! We did this multiple times a few days before and after that instance as well; we are not TTC but would welcome it if it happened. Anyway, I have been experiencing major pregnancy symptoms since. I know I could be experiencing the IUD crash but my breasts are getting very tender, my sex drive has diminished, my nipples seem darker, I am SO tired, and have an upset stomach. If it was my period and not withdrawal bleeding I would have been due to start my period on 12/14 but I have yet to start. I took multiple tests in the days prior to missing my period but they all came up negative within the time frame; however when I looked at them after they all had evap lines. The test were even taken on different days with different brands! I know I'm not supposed to look after the fact but I feel like its not normal to get that many evap lines!! I have not taken one since but I am still having all of these crazy symptoms. Would it even be possible that I am pregnant or is it likely that it is the crash I am feeling and evap lines I'm getting? Also, just a little back story but I got pregnant with my now 2 year old son after missing a weeks worth of birth control pills and using the pullout method!
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